What do you do when your child hates sports day?

It's a cornerstone event in any school year. A day that many teachers and children look forward to. Everyone is talking about it. Well... almost everyone. Some poor things absolutely dread Sports Day.

So what do you do when your child hates sports day?

In this little blog, I'm going to share my experience and give you my magic spell to enchant a Sports Day refuser.

Here's the honest truth, my Fairy Friend...

Sports Day really makes me very sad.

As a child I dreaded school sports day to the point I made myself ill every time it came around.

I wasn't terribly good at sports. My parents' and teachers' "good-natured ribbing", and the constant disappointment in myself for failing to achieve, rubbed my tender young heart until it was sore.

fairy door sports day

I hated Sports Day so much as a child, years later I couldn't watch my children participate in theirs

When my own children started to participate in sports days, all those old feelings flooded back. To the point where I found myself almost unable to attend and support them.

So, as I created this magical adventure for our Secret Fairy Circle, I found myself with something of a dilemma: How could I encourage others to enjoy Sports Day, when I feared it so much myself?

But if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

helping kids enjoy sports day

So I got to thinking: What would a Fairyland Sports Day look like? What different spin would they put on the day? And how would they reward the competitors?

As I created this magical adventure to delight my little girls, I found my old anxieties started to fall away.

Imagine a Sports Day where fun was more important than winning

I imagined a Sports Day where winning was the very last thing on the minds of the competitors. Where the very competitors themselves loved only to play.

"Sport" became "games". And of course, games are simply about fun.

encourage a child who hates sports day

Picture an event full of hilarious chaos

I could picture the Fair Folk excitedly giggling. Stretching their wings and hopping up and down on the spot to warm up.

I could see them dropping their eggs for the egg and spoon race, before they even got to the starting line.

I could imagine them tangled up in sack-race sacks, and more interested in the refreshment stall than the podium.

When your child hates Sports Day, only a Fairy Friend can make it better

You see? A little help from the Fairies can go an awful long way. Already we're smiling and giggling about a different kind of Sports Day.

how to help a kid who hates sports day

But stepping back into reality, your little one might still feel a little anxious. So, I have one more trick to help change the mood.

Use my printable Fairy Letter to help your little star to shine

I'm never surprised these days, to see how a gentle note from a Fairy friend can work wonders. So, my gift to you is a letter of encouragement, to leave out for your child on the morning of Sports Day.

printable letter for a child who hates Sports Day

And if you've enjoyed this magical adventure ...

Remember, when you invite a Fairy friend into your home, they become your champion through thick and thin, leaving notes of encouragement or praise, and even rewards for putting your best foot forward.

Installing a beautiful Fairy Door in your home is the best way to allow your new pal to visit often. Each one of ours arrives with a personalised letter for your little one, which you can use to carry an initial letter of support to your child.

Shop for your own beautiful Fairy Door with an exclusive discount

gift to encourage a child who hates sports day

Find an exclusive discount voucher for your first purchase alongside your printable Fairy letter above, with my fondest Fairy Blessings.

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2 Responses to What do you do when your child hates sports day?

  1. Delisa Fenn 16th May 2021 at 9:08 am #

    The nerds & jocks at my school had one thing in common… ALL os us hated Field Day. The games were infantile, the field was hot and unshaded, no seating was provided (everybody sat in the grass, including teachers and parents) and no water was provided either. The teachers tried to coax everybody by pointing out that we got a “Coke Party!!!”afterward (each kid got ONE can of soda after we performed the school’s stupid pet tricks Golly freaking gee). .It was anything but fun, Every year we begged not to do it. Finally, my last two years, my mom made a deal: if I got at least one A in math that year she would let me call in sick. THANKS MOM!!!!


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