When Sienna Found a Fairy Door

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to introduce the Fairy Door to your children, once it has arrived. Many keep their Fairy Door in it’s gorgeous gift box and present it as a special gift. Others secretly install their Fairy Door on the wall and wait for the little ones to spot it. However, one of my dearest customers chose to introduce a Fairy Door in the most magical way imaginable. So today I am going to re-tell the tale of the day Sienna found a Fairy Door in the Bluebell Woods.

sienna found a fairy door in the woods

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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin …

Well, I say I will begin. But honestly, I think it’s better if we hear from Sienna’s Mummy first. You see, Kim had been a keen Instagram follower of ours for a short while when she purchased her beautiful Fairy Door for Sienna. But I never really knew the story that started her magical adventures with The Fairy Nice Trading Company. Until that is, she wrote an enchanting review for her Fairy Door. Here is what she said:

Kim’s story

“After my daughter Sienna started showing a real interest in Fairies, I began the hunt for the perfect Fairy Door. Of course I wanted handmade, to make it even more special, and so I set off on the look out on Instagram (the world of handmade goodies). So there I was, searching the hashtag #fairydoors and pop! Up came this beautiful shop. Caroline was really helpful in helping me chose the colour Fairy Door to suit my requirements.

Sienna’s favourite place to look for Fairies was the Bluebell Woods (whilst they were in bloom of course) and so we decided to go with purple. Sienna even named her Fairy; Fairy Bluebell. So cute!

we found a fairy door in the woods

When the parcel arrived, the packaging was out of this world. Crisp, clean and classy, yet sparkly and pretty too. You open a beautiful white box, with dainty silver branding on the lid, to find colour co-ordinated sparkly tissue paper to match your Fairy Door. Just stunning! It is such a magical experience unwrapping your Fairy Foor… just as it should be.”

Off to the Woods she went

Now somehow, by means of that magic that only Mother’s possess, Kim managed to position the Fairy Door in the Woods ready for Sienna to find. Then off they went on a little wander through the Bluebells.

The moment that Sienna found a Fairy Door nestled amongst her favourite flowers is truly enchanting. Lucky for us Kim captured it on video and then shared it with us. Take a peek now, and I dare you not to give a little gasp of “aww, bless her little heart!”

Sienna found a Fairy Door amongst the Bluebells

I think you will agree with me, that Kim found a truly enchanting way to introduce a Fairy Door to her little girl. It has started Sienna off on a magical adventure that will live in her memories forever. Even when she is all grown up she will remember the time that she found a Fairy Door in the Woods. Perhaps, from now until forever, whenever she walks in Woodland her eyes will scan the Bluebells for signs of Fairy life. Even when she is really old enough to ‘know better’.

And you never know, several years from now she may even be the one hiding the Fairy Door for her own little ones. Remembering with a light heart full of love, the magical moment that her own Mother created just for her.

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Begin your own magical adventure with Sienna’s Fairy Door

How to introduce a fairy door

Heartfelt thanks to Kim Pennington for sharing her story, photos and video with us.

Kim chose the purple Fairy Door with Flower Wall for Sienna. It comes with a personalised letter from the Fairies and a tiny magic key, all wrapped in sparkling tissue in a gorgeous gift box.

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  1. Kim 13th June 2018 at 9:58 am #

    Beautifully written post Caroline!! Absolutely love it, going to print it and pop it in Sienna’s memory box 💖✨

    • Caroline Dobson 13th June 2018 at 12:40 pm #

      What a lovely idea Kim. Thank you for sharing your story with us. xx

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