A Fairy Nice Week

Ever wondered "what do Fairies do all day, when little ones are at school?"

Watch the video below to peek behind the Fairy Door and find out!

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How do you know what Fairies do?

There's a magical place that easily allows me to find out what our Fairies might be up to on any given day.

It's called the Secret Fairy Circle, and we gift lifetime access to it with every single one of our Fairy Doors (even SALE and Whoopsie doors!).

It contains all the tools you will need to craft the beautiful story behind your Fairy Door and totally enchant your little ones.

what do fairies do all day

Everything you need to know is inside the Secret Fairy Circle

Of course, the Secret Fairy Circle contains ideas and advice for all the major celebrations throughout the year.

Whether that's a special birthday, festival or milestone moment.

Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors from the fairy nice trading company

But it also contains our most guarded Fairy secrets about what do Fairies do on the normal, average weekdays.

Team printable Fairy letters with adorable accessories

... and the mundane becomes magical in the blink of an eye

Just like humans, Fairy friends keep themselves busy day to day, with all the usual business of running a Fairy home, keeping up with their studies and meeting with friends.

what do fairies do at home

By pairing the printable Fairy letters from our Secret Fairy Circle, with a few core accessory sets, you can easily build a Fairy Nice little weekly routine for your tiny neighbours - just like in our video.

Are you ready to enjoy a Fairy Nice week?

To get you started on your day-to-day magical adventures, let me add a FREE accessory set to your first order. Just pop your details in the box below and I'll send a magic code straight to your inbox.

Oh! And once you have become a member of our Secret Fairy Circle, remember to step inside regularly.

We update it with new adventures continually, and you'll always find an exclusive member offer available there, to use as you build your Fairy Nice World.

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