Things to do at home in half term

things to do at home in february

... It really can be a struggle!

But, if you're stuck for things to do at home in half term, hopefully this blog may give you a few ideas. In fact, I've got 60 wonderful ways to keep them enchanted, even on the greyest February day.

Want to know more?

Who put's a school holiday right in the middle of the bleakest month of the year?

february half term activities at home

Oh my sweet friend! Isn't February the worst? It's cold, it's damp, it's dark. And, just to add insult to injury, up pops a half term holiday when Christmas was only just yesterday.

Luckily, here at The Fairy Nice Trading Company, there is very little that can dampen our bright spirits. Even a February half term holiday.

Because we have have literally dozens of ways to keep us occupied when we don't fancy leaving the Fairy house.

Never fear! Your Fairy Godmother is here...

things to do with kids when you are stuck at home

Tucked safely inside our Secret Fairy Circle, are 60 notes from the Fairies full of things to do at home in half term.

Pop one outside the Fairy Door ready for the morning. Slip one into the magic Post Box when you need 5 minutes after lunch.

Or even dump the whole lot into a lucky dip bucket, and get your little darlings to choose their own adventure when you're sick of hearing "I'm bored!"

Step inside the Secret Fairy Circle HERE

Our 60 printable Fairy letters cover an enormous range of enchanting activities to do at home in half term

things to do at home in half term

We've got things to keep busy fingers creative. There are things to keep busy minds curious. You'll find things to keep busy feet bouncing.

And we even have suggestions that will keep busy homes clean! (You're welcome.)

The Fairy letters are ever so slightly colour coded by theme

So my suggestion is, that you print them out and have a little read through before delivering them to your Fairy Door.

Depending on the weather, the time available, your child's age, or your inclination, you can filter out those you'd most like to enjoy and perhaps remove any that are not suitable.

Now, download your Fairy letters and let's start having a half term magical adventure

half term magical adventures with a fairy door

Our 60 printable Fairy letters, full of things to do at home in half term, are ready and waiting for you in our Secret Fairy Circle

If you're already a member, just hit the button below step inside and land on the right page.

Enter the Secret Fairy Circle

Not a member yet? Oh, that's no trouble at all

We include lifetime access to our Secret Fairy Circle for FREE with every one of our beautiful Fairy Doors. You'll find the magic password to get in, inside your order confirmation email. So, you can step inside and get printing even before your Fairy Door has arrived.

Sending a gift to a friend in need of a Fairy Godmother? Don't worry. We also include the magic password on a flyer inside each gorgeous gift box.


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