The Secret to Helping Kids Wake Up Happy

There's nothing like a Fairy Door for helping kids wake up happy

helping kids wake up happy

The anticipation of a visit from a Fairy friend. The promise of a magical adventure about to begin. These are the perfect ingredients for pulling a little one out from under the covers with excitement in their eyes.

However, it may delight you to learn, that when life gets hectic, it's not all night crafting and 10 page Fairy letters that make a difference. It's some simple, five minute mini moments that will start the day off right with your kids.

Picture this

It's mid June, and the sun is up early and shining brightly. Your little ones, however, are not. This late in the school year, you need a crowbar to get them out of bed.

And it's not like you've time to waste on cuddling and cajoling. Because, just to add insult to injury, the next two months see a whole host of additional, end-of-year School "fun" to accommodate too.

Oh! If only someone had a magic spell to share, that could just make everything easier.

If only there was just some super simple secret to helping kids wake up happy

the tooth fairy door collection at the fairy nice trading company

Unfortunately, I don't have one super simple secret that can help you.

What I do have is a whole host of tiny hacks that will have them tumbling out of bed full of fiddle-dee-dee's. And the best thing is, they all originated from one sweet discovery...

The key to starting the day off right with children, is to begin with waking up the imagination

Oh. No. I hear you. You think that now I'm going to usher you off into the Secret Fairy Circle and suggest you launch into a grand Fairy Door adventure.

Well, if you're a go big or go home kinda person, I wouldn't dream of persuading you otherwise! Pop your details in below and step into the Secret Fairy Circle with my blessing and a FREE GIFT.

However, this time I have something rather more modest in mind.

You see, in my experience it's the mini magical adventures that make the biggest difference when life gets busy

Trust me, children love the excitement of a big event outside the Fairy Door. But you know what really get's them curious? It's the tiny, subtle changes that they think only they have noticed.

And I have never know a thing to encourage a child to bounce out of bed and hurtle down those stairs more, than a little movement outside the Fairy Door.

Our magical accessory sets are perfect for such 5 minute magic

how to start the day off right with kids

There are two adorable Fairy Door accessory sets I recommend for helping your kids wake up happy: Fairy Door Deliveries Set and the Cleaning Fairy Set.

The joy of both these sets is that they are full of items delightfully similar to things we would use in the human world on an everyday basis. From cleaning cloths and dustbins, to adorable miniature loo rolls.

Mix and match or use individual items, to quickly suggest the comings and goings of your Fairy Nice neighbour

It's as simple as popping a mop and bucket on the step. Or slipping a newspaper in the Post Box. These mini magical adventures need take no more that 5 minutes to create.

But the excitement of discovering them could last all through breakfast. The fairy story evolving from them could last the walk to school. And don't be surprised if the anticipation of seeing another little something different outside the Fairy Door is still there at the end of the day!

fairy DOOR cleaning set

Not only will you be helping kids wake up happy, you'll be sending them off to bed with a skip in their step too!

Are you ready to grab that magic code and begin your mini magical adventures now, lovely?

Just pop your details below and I'll send it straight to your inbox ...

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