The perfect housewarming gift for kids

Moving to a new home can be a little unsettling for children. So this housewarming gift for kids will help reassure them, and hint that their new place is going to become a home full of magical adventures together.

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Moving to a new house can be hugely unsettling for children

personalised housewarming gift for kids uk

No matter our reasons for moving on, there is one thing a new house cannot offer our children. And that, my Fairy friends, is familiarity.

Their home, their bedroom, their play space, is familiar. And for most children, familiarity is both comfort and safety.

Even when we know it's for the best, the unknown can be a frightening thing

And despite putting on our best, most positive pants, and selling this new place on all its most endearing features (including shiny new bedrooms, no sharing with your siblings, or football-field sized gardens), the unfamiliarity of a new house will always bring out those worry monsters.

new home gift set fairies uk

So? What do we do?

Well, we look for that special gift that will help to turn their fear into excitement. A housewarming gift that will instantly connect our little ones to the possibility that this house could be a home.

Something that makes them curious enough to give the new place a go. Something that lets them know they're safe, they're loved, and it's going to be OK.

perfect new home gift for kids

Imagine finding a spot in your new house that seems a little bit "different"

A small space were something curious seems to be happening.

Imagine tiny little signs on the wall. And then, miniature tools appear there as if by magic. Imagine the smallest blueprints you ever saw, and a wee cup of tea for the invisible worker.

Imagine your little ones examining the scene, puzzling over what could be going on. Perhaps they'll whisper to you, "you know Mummy, there's something magical about this new house!"

Fairy Door for a new home

Installing a Fairy Door in your new home will let them know this place is something special

A gasp of delight, and a giggle of joy, when the tiny building site turns into the most beautiful little doorway will confirm in all your hearts, that this new home will become a place filled with magical childhood memories.

And a Fairy Friend will reassure them that they are safe and surrounded by people they love, in the little notes she leaves

Personalised new home gift for kids uk

A letter of introduction from your newest little neighbour (all of our beautiful Fairy Doors come with a personalised letter from the Fairies!) will confirm:

This home is a truly enchanting place, filled with love and kindness. Your family has magical friends, secretly watching over them as they settle into a new routine, ensuring that all is well.

So, if you are ready to invest in a housewarming gift for children that will help reassure them and hint at the magical moments to come in this new home ...

... follow these 3 simple steps:

First, click the button below to select your "New Home" accessory set with all the printable signs and two sweet packing boxes, that you will need to introduce your Fairy Door.

how to welcome children to a new home uk

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Then, select your beautiful Fairy Door to compliment your lovely new home. I recommend you add a tiny post box too, to make exchanging Fairy letters a joy.

Finally, remember to let me know as your order your Fairy Door (in the personalisation boxes provided) that you intend to use the "New Home" set to make your door appear in a new place. With this information, I can tailor your personalised Fairy letter to fit the Fairy story you are creating perfectly!

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