The Mystery of the Fairy Door | A Poem

I WONDER what she's thinking?


I wonder what she's thinking,

As she looks upon the Fairy Door?

She seems to think there's someone there.

How can she be sure?


I wonder what she's whispering,

When she thinks I cannot hear?

Her mouth so close to that tiny keyhole.

She's smiling ear to ear.

finding the fairy door

I wonder what she's writing,

In a her careful, thoughtful way.

Her little brow is furrowed,

Like she's considering what to say.


I wonder what she's doing now!

That busy little bee.

She's arranged her treasures outside that door.

It quite perplexes me.


I wonder.

playing with the Fairy Garden


I wonder, and I double check.

Just what is going on?

I think I might be going mad ...

Those treasures now are GONE!


I wonder where that letter’s at?

The one my darling wrote.

The little Post Box is empty now.

No sign of any note.

I wonder what this letter from the Fairies says?

I wonder, did I hear something?

A tinkling on the breeze.

Like the gentlest laugh from the sweetest child,

And a tiny little sneeze.


I wonder what just caught my eye?

The slightest little thing.

Something bright. A dancing light.

As if from Fairy wings.


I wonder.

I wonder what she found outside the Fairy Door today?

Is there really someone living there?

Are Fairies really true?

Could my sweet have magic friends?

I'll leave that up to YOU!



- Poem by Caroline Dobson, ©2018

With many thanks to my magical Brand Ambassadors for their unending support and enchanting photos: Susan Mann, Chloe Barson, Patricia Costello, Estelle Tudor, Charlotte Vaughan, Michelle Day & Valerie Lavoie.

finding the fairy door

Look what's outside the fairy door mummy

a letter outside the fairy door

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