10 magical ways to tell your child you love them

What perfect timing!

how to tell your child you love them

Valentine’s day is upon us and it follows on perfectly from my blog How to write your first Fairy Letter. Because what is Valentine’s day for if not for writing cards and letters about how much we love someone.

And what is a Fairy Door for if not a simply enchanting way to show your little one you love them.

So in this blog let me share with you exactly how to use a Fairy Door to tell your child you love them this Valentine’s Day.

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Love is in the air

The shops are full of cards and flowers. Sweet messages, red roses and pretty pink hearts are everywhere. Your little one is gazing about them wide-eyed with wonder, curious to know what all the fuss is about.

And how do you explain it to them? Because, when you put it into words it seems so very silly to say that we send the people we love cards and gifts … but in secret!

Never be afraid to tell your little one how much they mean to you

Really, why are we so shy about it?

Surely if you love someone you shouldn’t be afraid to announce it to the world. Loud and proud.

I don’t think that anybody would want to live in a world where they never heard someone say to them “I Love You”. However it is certainly something we in the UK particularly, seem to struggle with.

Your Fairy Door is an easy device for showing just how much you love your little one

It wasn’t long after we installed the very first Fairy Door in our home that I discovered just how easy it made it for me to show my daughter that I loved her.

Finding a letter outside the Fairy Door

Sometimes that was by the simple act of taking some time to create a magical Fairy adventure that I knew would delight her.

But other times, the Fairy Door allowed me a space to actually put into words how I felt about my little girl and tell her. The little note from the Fairies to say, “Thank you for helping Mummy”. A letter that read, “You were so very brave today”. That Fairy certificate praising her for “trying her hardest”.

I grabbed all of these tiny opportunities to tell my daughter I love her with both hands. Every time, reinforcing in her the feeling that she is valued.

How to tell your child you love them blog

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to use your Fairy Door to tell your child you love them

So, with Valentine’s Day upon us, why not seize the opportunity to begin a magical adventure with your Fairy Door. Gift yourself the opportunity to tell your child you love them in a unique way, throughout the year. Allow new Fairy friends to help you strengthen your family bonds and build enchanting childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

It all begins with a Fairy Letter

In the Fairy Nice Movie above you will have seen some small ideas for how to bring love to your Fairy Door this Valentine’s Day. Whether your Fairy visitor is the Valentine’s Fairy or your established Fairy Friend, the key to the Valentine’s Fairy Door scene is certainly a note, card or letter at the door.

Oh! and don’t forget a gift

Of course, it’s always nice to mark a magical occasion with a gift.

Perhaps your Fairy Friend might leave a little something alongside their Valentine’s note.

You might want to leave a sweet treat like a little chocolate heart. Or maybe a bunch of flowers is in order?

How to show your child you love them blog

Visit the Secret Fairy Circle to find our printable Fairy love letters

However, if you are still struggling to find your Fairy voice, or you are a little short on time, I have just the thing for you in our Secret Fairy Circle. This month our members are playing the Valentine’s “Pass it On” Game.  We would love you to join in with us.

It works is like this: The Fairies have 10 ready-written and printable, sweet notecards to send your child. Each one praises them for a different admirable quality. In return, they ask your little one to use the templates to “pass on” some love to their friends and families.

How to get our “10 ways to tell your child you love them” kit

Our little Valentine's letter kit includes a letter from the Fairies to explain how to play, 10 Fairy Letters of admiration, and 10 template cards to print out and use. Plus there are full instructions and additional hints and tips on hand.

Our Valentine's magical adventure has a separate page of it's own in the Secret Fairy Circle. If you are a member, just click HERE to step inside.

Become a member of the Secret Fairy Circle

Membership of the Secret Fairy Circle is included with all our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you can purchase lifetime access without a Fairy Door HERE.

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