A Summer holiday magical adventure

Keeping little ones entertained during the Summer holidays can be difficult. So this year my Fairies and I are going to embark on a magical adventure that I hope that you will follow along with.

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How to join in

How to join in with our Summer holiday magical adventure


printable Fairy postcards


fairy door ideas for holidays and travel

get your postcards

Get your printable Fairy Postcards

We are going to use our miniature Fairy Postcards to provide a little learning, and a lot of delight throughout the Summer of 2018. There are 2 ways you can get hold of your own copies of our Fairy Postcard set: FREE in our Fairy Circle or as a downloadable product in our Fairy Nice Shop.

The printable Fairy Postcard set also includes the little Fairy letters to use before and after the holiday, AND the miniature country flags. I think you will also find the little ebook I have created useful, as it explains in more depth the best way to use the printable postcards for different age groups and abilities.

Follow along

Follow our Summer holiday magical adventure on Instagram

I am going to illustrate how you can bring each country to your Fairy Door over on Instagram throughout the Summer holidays. Come over and follow @fairynicetrading to keep track of where in the world (or out of it) we are! Don't forget to say "Hi" so that we know you've joined us.

Join the Fairy Circle

I hope you enjoy this little Fairy Nice Summer holiday

My dearest wish is that our magical adventure allows you to share small but wonderful magical moments with your child throughout your Summer holiday. Remember that in our Fairy Circle you can find even more Fairy fun to continue this magic on through Autumn and up to that most enchanting of times, Christmas!

Membership of our Fairy Circle is FREE with the purchase of a Fairy Door or Fairy Door accessory set or available to buy in the Fairy Nice Shop without a Fairy Door purchase.

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