A Fairy Nice Campfire

Enchant your little ones with this simple Fairy Door idea for Autumn. Watch the little movie below and then read on, for my Fairy secrets to creating this adorable scene.

The best thing about memories is making them

And some of my favourite Autumn childhood memories involve woolly hats and roaring campfires. Do yours?

So this simple Fairy Door idea for Autumn conjures up all those special feelings of warmth and togetherness you get from sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows. All done with just a few bits and bobs from around the home and garden.

First, choose the perfect Fairy Door

mauve fairy door UK

For this magical adventure I have chosen our Misty Mauve Fairy Door.

It's colour reminds me of blackberries, squashed between small fingers, on an enchanting woodland walk. The golden door knob glinting like the rays of sunlight pushing through the trees.


Then set your scene

simple fairy door idea for autumn

The main structure of this simple Fairy Door idea for Autumn comes from items you can find around your home and garden.

My seating is Fairy hay bales, made from 2 breakfast wheat biscuits. My campfire is tiny logs or twigs. My scenery is gravel from our front driveway, pine cones and a sprig of tree from our garden.

Have fun accessorising

fairy door accessories shop uk

Although it's our beautiful Fairy Doors that catch your eye to begin with, it's our adorable accessories that will keep you coming back for more adventures.

To compliment this little scene, I've added a miniature wheelbarrow and tiny wellies from our gardening set. Plus, a mug for cocoa from our breakfast set, and the basket from our Easter set to contain the campfire feast.

Finally, add a sprinkle of magic

miniature marshmallows idea

The cutest bit of this magical adventure (and the thing that'll have your little one's eyes twinkling!) is the tiny Fairy marshmallows for toasting.

Just use the small marshmallows you get for human hot chocolates. Simply stick them onto a slightly cut-down cocktail stick and .... bibbity, bobbity, boo! A sweet treat that both children and Fairy friends can enjoy together.

Now, head to our Secret Fairy Circle for more simple Fairy Door ideas to enchant your family

Your beautiful Fairy Door is a gift for making magical memories that your little ones will treasure for a lifetime - But that shouldn't be a chore, but an adventure for you all to enjoy.

fairy door ideas uk

So, we include lifetime access to our Secret Fairy Circle (full of countless simple fairy door ideas, printable Fairy letters and accessories, and our most secret tips and advice) for FREE, with each and every one of our Fairy Doors.

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