5 rules for using our printable Christmas Fairy letters…

Are you too busy for a magical adventure this Christmas?

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You're desperate to give your children some moments to treasure this December... especially after the year we've just had!

But you can't understand how people even find a moment to dedicate to a month of Christmas magic, with everything else there is to do.

There's no need to panic

 As ever, The Fairy Nice Trading Company has everything ready for you. With 31 printable letters from the Fairies, ready-written. And 5 golden rules to make magical adventures an absolute breeze ...

Download your printable Christmas letters for FREE

These little notes are especially reserved for Secret Fairy Circle members. But luckily, we include lifetime access (worth £20!), with every single one of our beautiful Fairy Doors, for FREE.

And because it's Christmas, we'd like to gift you an extra special little something to help those magical adventures along, with your first order:

Now, follow these 4 golden rules for a truly enchanting time

printable Christmas fairy letters

No.1 Start whenever you are ready

There are 31 of our printable Christmas Fairy Letters. But that doesn't mean you have to begin on 1 December and plough on through to New Year's Eve.

Begin when you're ready. Whether that is the end of November or the middle of December, it's totally your choice.

Heck! You can even leave it to Christmas week if you prefer!

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No.2 Choose your own adventure

You don't need to use ALL of the letters to create some magical memories.

If your children are younger, one or two changes to the Fairy Door a week may suffice. Older children might like to see a scene develop and I've grouped together notes to help do this.

But if you miss a day, or let a scene sit and enchant a while, you won't end up on our Naughty List.

miniature christmas tree ukNo.3 Follow your own path

I've organised your Christmas Fairy Letters into a rough order on the print out. But that is only for neatness sake.

Choose the letters that speak to you best. See what fits in to how your own family Christmas fun is developing and use notes that echo your own activities.

There are many roads through Fairyland at Christmas, and all of them are enchanting.

miniature christmas wreath

No.4 If you get lost, ask for directions

We're here to help! So don't be afraid to make good use of us.

You have accessory sets on hand, full of useful props. And there is oodles of inspiration and advice inside the Secret Fairy Circle - Membership is included with your beautiful Fairy Door.

Last but not least, throughout December you'll find us having fun on Instagram. Come and join us!

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No.5 Remember to have FUN!!

At The Fairy Nice Trading Company we don't do compulsion and we don't do competition.

Your magical adventure outside your Fairy Door doesn't have to stress you out, and it doesn't have to be picture-perfect.

This is a time to create memories for yourself as well as your little ones. To feel the thrill of a happy secret, the tingle of enchantment at your fingertips. This is a beautiful spell of wonder and imagination, and you should fully enjoy the fact that you are the one who is weaving it.

Remember, as far as we are concerned, you are the most magical Fairy Godmother!

Now begin your Christmas adventures HERE!

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