Where do you put a Fairy Door?

Where is the best place to put a Fairy Door?

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As Head Fairy Godmother at The Fairy Nice Trading Company, it's a question I am often asked!

So, in the little video below I'll share a few suggestions. But if you want to know which one I think is the best, read on below when you've watched the movie ...

Consider this ...

Little doubt there are a dozen different ways to display a Fairy Door. You've just seen them in my movie! But which is the best place to put a Fairy Door for you?

Some of your options are traditional. Others are beautiful. Some suggestions will be practical. Others will be aspirational. In truth, the magical location of your Fairy Door should be a perfect combination of all of these together.

On the skirting board

Where is the best place to put a Fairy Door?

a fairy door on the skirting board

Traditionally, indoor Fairy Door's have been attached to the wall just above the skirting board (baseboard). When you glimpse a Fairy Door in this location, it really does give you a magical thrill.

 Being low down truly shows off how small the Door is. And nonchalantly sitting there, almost hidden in plain sight, only enhances the idea that this little object could be at the centre of all the deliciously mysterious comings and goings within the home.

Above the skirting board is perfect for getting imaginations racing

photos of fairy doors

Yes! Putting your Fairy Door here is just perfect when you intend most of your magical adventures to be of your child's own imagining. Encouraging them to tell their own beautiful stories, with small prompts.

Perhaps they may find a letter in the magic post box. Or maybe a sprinkling of Fairy Dust or a trail of sparkly footprints. The most amazing starting points for a journey into make believe.

On a shelf

However, sometimes children look first with their fingers and not their eyes

It is an undeniable fact that our particular Fairy Doors are truly exquisite. Like a rose in bloom, Fairy Nice Fairy Doors are beautiful, but delicate. And as all parents know, despite best intentions, curious little fingers will often come out to play.

If this is your dilemma, then tradition be hanged! I would certainly not recommend the skirting board for you. Up high would be much better.

So, a Fairy Nice shelf is what you need

Fairy Door on a shelf

There's something enchanting about having a delicate little shelf in the room. It hints that the objects on it are the most precious of things, to be gazed at in awe and reverence. Truly your Fairy Door is just such a treasure.

More than this, a designated shelf gives you ample space to create enchanting scenes that will delight your little ones and draw gasps of wonder and admiration.

watch magical adventures unfold

Because the best bit about installing a Fairy Door is watching magical adventures unfold before it

Your little one may look up to be delighted by a tiny tree at Christmas or discover miniature balloons on their birthday.

fairy door shelf

They might place a baby tooth beside it before bedtime, and be surprised to see it exchanged for a reward in the morning.

Perhaps your child has trouble sleeping? A rocking chair and a pretty dreamcatcher make for peaceful slumbers under the reassuring eye of a Sleep Fairy.

Having space to hint at Fairy friends offers comfort, joy and an opportunity to be curious

Because, once your Fairy Door is installed and magical visitors begin coming and going, it won't be long before the questions start.

And it's a funny thing you know, my sweet! In all my years as a Fairy Godmother I've found that what intrigues children most about a Fairy friend, is what they do on "ordinary days".

In a house box

That is why a House Box is my favourite place to put a Fairy Door

review the fairy nice trading company

I have deliberately designed our Fairy Doors to look like the entrance to a house. Magical portals they may be, but I wanted to ensure that when you look upon them, you are not only enchanted by their beauty. You are filled with all the same warm feelings you have for the place you feel most happy and comfortable in - Home.

And, although I have installed my Fairy Doors in many different places over the years, the House Box is my absolute favourite because it reinforces these wonderful feelings.

It makes a Fairy Door a home

Small enough to be sweet, but large enough to be useful. Stylish, but sturdy. Just as comfortable sat on top of a chest of drawers as mounted on the wall, and with plenty of potential for alteration and extention.

fairy door in house box shelf

Tick. Tick. Tick. Isn't that all the criteria we hoped to meet when we started wondering where to put a Fairy Door, my sweet?

Just like the skirting board, it draws the eye and excites the mind. Just like the shelf, it provides a dedicated space for magical adventures.

Take a peek at our House Boxes HERE!

Just like a home you can decorate it to match your style and circumstances

The House Boxes we sell here at The Fairy Nice Trading Company come in natural wood. They are super easy to paint, paper or cover in fabric to match your own decor.

fairy door on the wall

My favourite spot for our House Box is on top of our sideboard. However, many customers have attached them to the bedroom wall with careful use of a drill and a screwdriver. It all depends on which room you want to display your Fairy Door in...

But that's a question for another blog, my sweet!

Are you ready to invite a Fairy Door into your home?

Now you know where to put your Fairy Door! Sign up below for the magic code for a FREE accessory and begin your magical adventures ...

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