Pumpkin Picking in Fairyland

Ever been pumpkin picking in Fairyland, my sweet?

Pumpkin picking in Fairyland is the most wonderful fun! But, it's always best done at night. Because that is when the truly enchanted pumpkins can be found.

You'll need to take some essentials

miniature wellies

Of course, you must go properly equipped! First, pull on your tiny wellies to keep your little feet warm and dry.

Then, I strongly suggest you grab your Fairy pitchfork from the gardening tools. These pumpkins are pretty big. You'll need all your Fairy strength to pull one up!

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Don't try to carry that pumpkin yourself - they're heavy!

large pink pumpkin for Fairy Doors

Now, those pumpkins are heavy for little Fairy friends ... You'll want to use a wheelbarrow to carry it back to the Fairy Door.

Where should you get one?

Just follow the signs to pick one up.

(Click the button below to download your FREE printable pumpkin patch signs!)

Print your pumpkin patch signs here!

printable pumpkin picking signs

I can't wait to see the results of your magical adventure pumpkin picking in Fairyland!

It's finally time to proudly display your prize-winner outside the Fairy Door ...

But which pumpkin did you choose?

black fairy door uk

Large White Pumpkin

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halloween fairy door

Large black pumpkin

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pumpkins for fairy doors

Large pink pumpkin

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miniature wellies

Orange Jack-O-Lantern

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Miniature wheelbarrow

Gold Jack-O-Lantern

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