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White Tooth Fairy Door

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New smooth white version!

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Who would you like the Tooth Fairy to address her little letter to? *

Is there anything else you would like the Tooth Fairy to mention in her letter?

For example, will this be the first Tooth the lucky recipient has lost? Does your Tooth Fairy have a special name?

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Our beautiful white Tooth Fairy Door is the perfect way to mark one of the most magical milestones of childhood. When the first baby tooth begins to loosen, install your beautiful Fairy Door.

Then, when the happy event occurs the Tooth Fairy will have no trouble at all finding her way in to collect the Tooth. It is a most special gift for a most memorable occasion.

This beautiful white Tooth Fairy Door is simply stunning

This beautiful Tooth Fairy Door set contains one of our most stunning Fairy Doors. It is pure white -Just like that first baby tooth! Across the door frame are sweet vintage roses in peachy blush pink and fresh green. The roses sit on a rich bed of foliage, and amongst them nestle the Tooth Fairy’s own toothpaste and tiny toothbrush!

Look a little longer and you will spy that this Tooth Fairy Door also has a working door knocker, letter box, and one of our signature sparkling crystal door knobs.

A magical gift for a most memorable occasion

As this is such a special gift, the Tooth Fairy herself will wrap her Fairy Door in sparkling tissue paper. She’ll tuck it carefully inside a luxury gift box for you. And she’ll pop in any of the optional extras you have chosen too.

Personalised, and with a little extra

Inside the box, your little one will find a personalised letter from the Tooth Fairy. It will explain how she will use the Tooth Fairy Door, and that other Fairy Friends may also come to visit.

But there is more still to discover! Because she will also include a tiny Fairy key on a ribbon, so that the she can let herself in an out.

But what does the Tooth Fairy do with those baby teeth?

You may be wondering what the Tooth Fairy does with the pearly white teeth she collects.

Why! She makes them into magical Fairy Dust. And you can include a pot of this sparkling Tooth Fairy Dust in your gift too, by simply checking the box above.

A final flourish of Fairy Magic

When you purchase this beautiful white Tooth Fairy Door you will automatically become a member of our Secret Fairy Circle. In this member-only area you will find a Tooth Fairy letter, certificate and Tooth Report Card, all ready for you to download and print out FREE OF CHARGE.

Because we are certain that once your little one has had a visit from the Tooth Fairy, they will want other Fairy Friends to visit them too, we know that you’ll find our Secret Fairy Circle enchanting. Alongside your Tooth Fairy printables you will also find inspiration for creating all sorts of truly enchanting Fairy Door scenes. You will have access to the Fairy Nice Library full of all our tips and tricks for creating convincing evidence of Fairy life. Plus you will be able to download any of our many ready-written, ready-to-print Fairy Letters, to delight your little one whenever you please.

A note from ‘Elf and Safety

Our beautiful Tooth Fairy Door will not open for humans. Only the Fairies can open the it with their Magic Key.

Our beautiful Fairy Doors and Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children, due to very tiny parts.

2 reviews for White Tooth Fairy Door

  1. Fabrizia Mckenna

    How magical … the tooth fairy left behind this door for my daughter on her first ever visit to our home.
    The look of pure magical happiness from my daughter in the morning warmed my heart.
    The tooth fairy door has a very rustic look and the tooth brush and paste accessories really add the magic of the tooth fairy!
    This door has made a fairy loving little girl extremely happy, thank you!

  2. Sarah King

    Wow! Just beautiful! And so magical! My daughter was worried about losing her tooth but receiving her letter and fairy door she is now very excited! We can’t wait to put it in its place and then will be buying some accessories. I would have loved one of these when I was a little girl!
    From start to finish I have been very happy with the customer service!
    Thank you so much! Xx

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