Large Toadstool House Box

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A large wooden house box with a Toadstool twist, that will fit your Fairy Door beautifully.

External dimensions are L250 x W133 x H350 mm  (9.84 x 5.23 x 13.77 Inches).

Large Fairy House Grass Mat

This large Fairy House grass mat fits inside our large wooden house shelves. It is an approximately 23cm x 12.5cm (9.25in x 5in) rectangle of medium length, mid green faux grass.

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This Toadstool House Box is a super cute twist on our original wooden house box, and is an adorable way to display your Fairy Door.

The benefits of using a House Box

Putting your Fairy Door in a house box, rather than directly onto the wall has so many benefits.

First and foremost, it takes away the angst of fixing something to the wall. Even the most gentle and careful ways to attach our Fairy Doors may leave a mark on the paintwork if you wish to move it.

Once your Fairy Door is in it’s box, the box can move to anywhere in the home, or abroad. So, if you’re finding sneaking into a bedroom to leave notes too perilous, move it to the family room. Or, if you’re dummy training or have a poor sleeper, take it with you when you stay away.

But, the best reason to use a House box is because it gives the reassuring vibes of a Fairy friend really settling in and making your house her home. And, once she’s all moved in, you have a dedicated area for magical adventures that won’t spill over, scatter or get trodden on easily.

Your Toadstool House Box

We’ve taken our original house boxes and given them a unique makeover in this version. The sides and floor remain beautiful, natural pinewood. But the roof boast the bright red and white of a toadstool, with hand painted scalloped edges.

Inside, the back wall is lined with high quality wallpaper reminiscent of dense woodland. Branches and varying shades of foliage will surround your chosen Fairy Door. And no two will be alike, as each backdrop is cut from a different section of the Fairy forest.

Here’s a couple of quick tips for finishing off your Fairy house:

This large version will fit your Fairy Door perfectly. The external dimensions are L250 x W133 x H350 mm  (9.84 x 5.23 x 13.77 Inches)

I always use sticky tac (called “Blu Tac” in the UK) to attach the Fairy Door and the Post box firmly inside the box.

You could wall mount this box, if you wanted to*. However I usually just stand mine on top of a sideboard or wide shelf. That way I have even more space to create enchanting adventures outside the Fairy Door.

A note from ‘Elf & Safety

Please note that your roof is hand-painted, each backdrop is cut from a different section of wallpaper, and all natural wood differs. This means that your box will be beautifully unique, and ready for a Fairy friend to move straight in.

Our house boxes are for decorative purposes only and are not toys. *No fixings for wall mounting are included with this product.


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