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A magical space full of ways to enchant, inspire and educate your children.

Includes original fairytales to share with your little ones, how-to’s and top tips for Fairy Door fun, and literally hundreds of printable Fairy letters, certificates, decorations and accessories. All free to members.


My dear Fairy Friend, I would be delighted to welcome you into our BRAND NEW Secret Fairy Circle, refreshed and reimagined for 2023!

It is a truly beautiful, safe space containing everything you could possibly need to create those magical moments involving Fairy visitors, that your family will remember forever.

Let me explain a little more about it…

How the Secret Fairy Circle came about

When I began The Fairy Nice Trading Company, I was quite determined that my beautiful Fairy Doors would be more than just pretty room decor that got left to gather dust. I wanted them to inspire imaginations, build confidence, encourage curiosity and form the basis of a lifetime of happy family memories… Just as they had done for my daughters!

However, I was also all too aware of the many plates that parents and carers have to juggle. And I didn’t want my Fairy Doors to be another source of stress or anxiety for the loving grown ups that installed them. (We’ve all lived the nightmare of finding 24 days of Elf on the Shelf “fun”!!)

So, I set up the Secret Fairy Circle as a way to share all the magical adventures I had already imagined for my own family. And over time it grew into something truly enchanting…

What is the NEW Secret Fairy Circle

Having outgrown our old space, the new Secret Fairy Circle was a labour of love built in 2023. With a brand new look, it is a safe and secure member-only area teeming with Fairy secrets.

In addition to my how-to’s and top tips for Fairy fun, you’ll find original fairytales, poems and mini movies that you can share with your little ones. And of course, you get access to literally hundreds of ready-written, printable Fairy letters as well as certificates, decorations and accessories to enhance your magical adventures.

Here’s what you can expect from your membership

Your membership will run for one year from the date you register. During that time you will have access to the main Secret Fairy Circle plus the Dummy Fairy Adventure, and the Sleep Fairy and Tooth Fairy Adventures once they become available in 2024.

You are welcome to watch the mini movies, enjoy the adventures and download the printables whenever, and as often as you like during your year. All I ask is that you respect the terms and conditions of your membership. Remember, the content of the Secret Fairy Circle is for your personal use only.

After one year, you will be given the option to extend your Secret Fairy Circle access or you may be invited to become a Fairy Godmother! (More about that inside!)

So, what happens next …

Well, if you are ready to step inside the Secret Fairy Circle, here’s what will happen after you checkout:

Within your order confirmation you will find a PDF that contains a special QR code. Scan the code to travel to our secret location. There you will be asked to register for entry. You will need to add the order number from your order confirmation.

As soon as you have registered, as if by magic, the doors will open and you can step straight inside. And, you’ll see a personal welcome video from me!

Of course, you can get Secret Fairy Circle membership for free, you know

Full disclosure, sweet thing! I’ve instructed the Company to include a year of complimentary membership with every one of our beautiful Fairy Doors.

Now, as a virtual product, this item is excluded from the shop refund policy. So please be sure you do not want to purchase a physical Fairy Door from us before you checkout, because I will be unable to refund membership if you order in error.

A final note from ‘Elf & Safety

This product is online access to a membership area only. No physical products will be shipped.

Remember, there is no need to purchase separate membership of the Secret Fairy Circle if you are ordering a Fairy Door. Similarly, we are unable to refund Fairy Circle membership if you subsequently purchase a Fairy Door.

Missing your order confirmation email?

Don’t fret, my sweet! First check your junk folder, as sometimes the Naughty Goblins hide our emails. If it’s not there, simply drop us a line at [email protected]

3 reviews for Secret Fairy Circle Membership

  1. Kerry K

    I wanted to contact you to say a HUGE thank you for creating a world of Fairy Magic for my Daughter & I to enjoy together. Your products and print out’s are exceptional!

    My Daughter genuinely loves that the Fairies live in her bedroom behind her gorgeous fairy door and she enjoys hearing from them and waits in anticipation for their visits and adventures – You have created real magic in our home, thank you!

    With Love from

    Olivia & her Mummy xx

  2. Michelle D

    An absolute magical set-up. I very much enjoy the little videos .. I’m mesmerized. Very easy to follow ,Very detailed layout yet simple and easy to navigate ( because I’m rubbish with technology lol ) but not with this . Behind each door the ideas that I need when I’m stuck you find in there ,the step by step instructions and what accessories u can get .I absolutely love the fairy nice calendar that’s my “go to” 🙂. . I’ve next to explore the dummy fairy scene ,I’ve everything I need with the lovely accessories printables and the very helpful scenes I need to help set it up . I can’t wait to finally get it started . Such a fantastic idea .and I feel very blessed to be a part of it 🙂 thanku Caroline

  3. Rebecca F

    How do I review perfection….. Caroline you are outstanding, you have enhanced your fairy circle from a wonderful extra when buying your fairy doors to making this the most magical & enchanting place. From your wonderful story telling to your attention to details on your new look of the fairy circle nothing has been over looked. Your printables have always been a favourite of mine & your fairy circle is the perfect support for all who are starting their fairy journeys to those who have followed you for years! This new look is stunning & exciting & I can’t wait to watch this space grow & thrive! Fairy godmothers united!

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