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Santa’s Master Key


Santa’s miniature Master Key. The key to every door in Fairyland.

Includes Master Key and “LOST!” poster, to begin a magical adventure outside your Fairy Door.

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Lost! Or stolen? … Definitely mislaid. Santa’s Master Key has gone astray. Without it the plans for Christmas unravel. Because Santa needs it to go on his travels.

So, if you find it, and send it back, you’ll find a reward on the Fairy Door mat!

The story behind Santa’s Master Key

This sweet Christmas accessory is intended to inspire a magical adventure outside the Fairy Door. It’ll have your little ones wide-eyed, keeping a look out for the missing key.

We recommend you start with putting up the poster outside the Fairy Door. Then, a day or two later, leave the key somewhere nearby for your family to find. (Depending on your age group this can be as simple or as tricky as you think best.)

Finally, when the key is found leave it outside the Fairy Door to return to Santa. And perhaps the next day, leave a little treat (such as gold chocolate coins) out for the finders.

About this accessory set

This little set includes Santa’s Master key and a miniature “LOST!” poster to begin the adventure.

Your key is approximately 3cm long (1in long). It is attached with ribbon to a 3.5cm wide, hand painted wooden disc reading “Master Key”, and a 5.5cm long paper tag with handwritten instructions on where to return the key if lost.

A note from ‘Elf and Safety

This little set is intended as a decorative accessory only and is not a toy. It is very small indeed. So, we recommend adult supervision when displaying it near to young children.


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