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Mermaid Fairy Door (Blush)

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Mermaid Treasure Chest – optional

Easily exchange notes and gifts with your Mermaid friends using our miniature Mermaid Treasure Chest.

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Mermaid Tears of Joy – optional

The perfect gift from a Mermaid friend to let your little one know that they trust them with secrets of the sea.

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Blush Flower Wreath – optional

Totally adorable miniature blush flower wreath for your little Fairy Door.

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Who would you like the Mermaids to address their letter to? *

Is their anything in particular you would like the Mermaids to mention in their letter?

For example, is this Mermaid Fairy Door a special gift to celebrate a magical occasion?
Or do you live near a particular cove or coastline?

Only 1 left in stock


“Imagine a Mermaid Lagoon …. underneath a Magic Moon”* Our Fairies cannot resist a magical adventure. So when they saw this personalised Mermaid Fairy Door on the seashore they couldn’t resist trying the door handle. Having met them now, they are quite certain that Mermaids would make the most enchanting companions for any little ones living near (or far!) from a stretch of coastline.

The detail on this Mermaid Fairy Door is exquisite. Set into glittering golden fish net are tiny shells, starfish and miniature Mermaid treasures. The Mermaid Fairy Door also has a sparkling crystal door knob, a letter box, and a working door knocker. Give a gentle tap and see if they are home!

Included with this personalised Mermaid Fairy Door

This personalised Mermaid Fairy Door will arrive wrapped carefully in sparkling tissue. The Mermaids will send it to you in a gorgeous gift box. Inside you will also find a tiny Magic Key. Your new Mermaid Friend will need this to let themselves in and out.

But wait! There’s even more magic inside this enchanted parcel ….

Personalised to perfection

We believe the key to the magic of our Mermaid Doors lies in the bond that your child develops with their friend behind the Mermaid Door. Our personalised Mermaid letter is the beginning of that friendship. So, alongside this beautiful Mermaid Fairy Door, your Fairy Nice gift box will contain a personalised letter from the Mermaids. This will explain all about the Mermaid Fairy Door to your little one.

Your personalised letter will look just like an enchanted sea scroll, and will be tied in blue organza ribbon.

Exchanging letters with your new Mermaid friends

Unlike our other Fairy Doors, this personalised Mermaid Fairy Door does not come with option of adding a Fairy Post Box. Instead, our Mermaid friends prefer to exchange notes, gifts and even receive their groceries via a magical Mermaid Treasure Chest.

The miniature Mermaid Treasure Chest is an optional extra. It is a rich mahogany wooden box with golden clasp, and will be included in your Fairy Nice gift box if you choose to add it.

A gift from the Mermaids

When Mermaids weep for joy, their tears turn into tiny pearls, infused with magical powers. Sailors scour the shore of tropical islands for these precious pearls and bottle them up. They keep with with them at all times as a talisman against ill fortune. Wouldn’t it be something for a Mermaid to gift your little one such a treasure for safe keeping?

Our Mermaid Tears of Joy are an adorable optional extra. If you have chosen to add a tiny bottle of Mermaid Tears of Joy, you will find this inside your Fairy Nice gift box too.

Continuing the enchantment with membership of our Fairy Circle

We are determined to help you convince your little ones that there really IS someone magical living behind this personalised Mermaid Fairy Door. That is why, as you make your purchase you will be invited to join our secret Fairy Circle for FREE by ticking the box as you checkout.

In this member-only area we share with you oodles of inspiration for enchanting Fairy Doors scenes throughout the year. We give you our top tips and tricks for creating signs of life from behind your Mermaid Fairy Door. We regularly gift you an exclusive special offer to help you build your magical world. Plus you have free and unlimited access to all our printable Fairy Letters, certificates, activities and eBooks.

A note from the Sea King

Sadly, our Mermaid Fairy Doors do not open for humans – only the Fair Folk can open the Magic Doors with their Magic Keys! All our Fairy Doors and Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only. They are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying this Mermaid Fairy Door near to small children due to very small parts indeed.

*quote from the enchanting Disney song “we can fly, we can fly”


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