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This Fairy Door Deliveries set contains a white wooden crate 4cm x 3.5cm x 2cm (1.75in x 1.5in x 0.75in); a unique edition of The Fairy Nice Times; 3 tiny toilet rolls; a pint of milk; a pot of jam; and a loaf of bread.

A set of printable Fairy delivery notes is also included.

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We heartily recommend this enchanting little Fairy Door Deliveries set as one of the first you invest in when you install one of our beautiful Fairy Doors. It contains all of the everyday items that a Fairy friend might have delivered to their Fairy Door.

What this Fairy Door Deliveries set includes

Your Fairy Door Deliveries arrive in a sweet wooden crate, hand painted white by the Fairies. Your crate is approximately 4cm x 3.5cm x 2cm: That’s 1.75in x 1.5in x 0.75in.

Tucked inside your crate are a selection of miniature household items, that your Fairy friends might need for daily life in Fairyland. There are 3 tiny toilet rolls; a pint of milk; a pot of jam; and a loaf of bread.

Also included with your set is an edition of The Fairy Nice Times, Fairyland’s leading newspaper. This copy is different from copies in any of our other sets, and features actual teeny news articles and advertisements for your Fairies to enjoy.

We’ve added set of printable delivery notes for your Fairy Door too

We’ve also added to this set, some printable Fairy Delivery notes, shopping lists and grocery receipts. They’ll add that extra bit of enchantment to make your little ones gasp with wonder.

You’ll find a link for the printable notes in your order confirmation*. Simply click on it to download them, and print onto white A4 card or paper.

How to use this Fairy Door deliveries set

This Fairy Door Deliveries set is recommended for a reason! There are so many ways to use it within your magical adventures throughout the year. Whether that is by presenting the items all together, or by selecting individual pieces from it to compliment other scenes.

Visit our Secret Fairy Circle to learn our favourite ways to enchant with your accessories

The best way for us to explain just how useful this little set is, is for you to step inside our Secret Fairy Circle. Here you will find oodles of inspiration for delightful Fairy Door scenes using your accessories. Not to mention our top secret tips and tricks for magical adventures.

Membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is included with all our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you may purchase lifetime membership without a Fairy Door HERE!

A note from ‘Elf and Safety

All our Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children, as this set contains very small parts.

*Can’t find the link in your order confirmation? Don’t worry! Just pop an email over to [email protected]

4 reviews for Fairy Door Deliveries Set

  1. Loving life with little ones

    We are having so much fun with our magical deliveries set, milk arriving in the morning, groceries, little letters and parcels on the mat. I put different things out every few days and my girls love waiting to see what the fairies have delivered next. There are even tiny addresses written on the parcels.

  2. shelleydcole

    I’m so excited this set is amazing and I cannot wait to start magical scenes for my daughter once she receives it for Christmas. Will definately be buying lots more in future

  3. Mumma Murray

    I am over the moon with this accessory set! Exquisite detail and with so many parts, we can easily create many scenes throughout the year. I would say this is a must have set to accessories your fairy door.

  4. Sarah Jenkins

    I am so pleased with this set. It is made so beautifully with such attention to detail. My daughter absolutely loves these little pieces, especially leaving the milk out for the Fairies.
    Definitely a great set to add to the collection!

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