Laundry Fairy Accessory Set


Look out! It’s wash day and the Laundry Fairy is here.

This Fairy Door accessory set contains a miniature laundry basket, a pile of folded laundry and iron, a tiny laundry powder box and a Fairy sized wooden clothes horse.

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These laundry Fairy Door accessories are perfect for when your friend behind the Fairy Door needs to get some washing done.

What’s in your Laundry Fairy Accessory Set?

I’ve always found that children are most convinced that a friend lives behind the Fairy Door when they see them doing the normal, every day things. Popping out the laundry. Ironing the clothes. Cleaning up around the home – All the same scenes they see in their own house, but in miniature!

Inside this set you will find a little laundry basket, a tiny wooden clothes horse, a miniature pile of folded laundry with an iron on top, and a packet of Fairy Nice Laundry powder!

The Fairy Circle will help you really use these Laundry Fairy accessories to full effect

You’ll see our Laundry Fairy accessories pop up frequently in magical adventures. In our Secret Fairy Circle we’ll share exactly how you can work your accessories into an enchanting story to mesmerise your little ones.

The Fairy Circle is a members only area. Membership is included with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors. However, you can purchase lifetime access without a Fairy Door HERE.

A note from ‘Elf & Safety

These Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only. They are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children as these sets contain small and delicate parts.


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