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Large Wooden House Box

From: £35.00

A large wooden house box that will fit your Fairy Door perfectly.

External dimensions are L250 x W133 x H350 mm  (9.84 x 5.23 x 13.77 Inches).

Large Fairy House Grass Mat

This large Fairy House grass mat fits inside our large wooden house shelves. It is an approximately 23cm x 12.5cm (9.25in x 5in) rectangle of medium length, mid green faux grass.

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White Picket Fence - Short

This short version of our Fairy picket fence is approximately 32cm (13in) long.

We would recommend this length of picket fence to use with your Fairy House Box. It's just the right size!

In stock

In stock


I’ve been using a large wooden house box to display my own Fairy Doors for sometime now, and people always ask me where to find them. So I am super pleased to be able to offer them right here.

Your Large Wooden House Box

Your large wooden house box starts just as mine did – An unpainted plain wooden house shaped box made from pinewood ready for you to paint or decorate to fit your own style.

This large version will fit your Fairy Door perfectly. The external dimensions are L250 x W133 x H350 mm  (9.84 x 5.23 x 13.77 Inches)

Here’s a couple of quick tips for decorating your Fairy house:

I line the back of my house boxes with wallpaper and paint the internal walls white. I will either use wallpaper or one of our faux grass mats on the bottom of the house. It depends on whether I am doing an indoor or outdoor Fairy scene. I never glue the “floors” in place, so that I can change between scenes easily.

I always use sticky tac (called “Blu Tac” in the UK) to attach the Fairy Door and the Post box firmly inside the box.

You could wall mount this box, if you wanted to*. However I usually just stand mine on top of a sideboard or wide shelf. That way I have even more space to create enchanting adventures outside the Fairy Door.

A note from ‘Elf & Safety

Please note that all wood differs so your box may look a little different from the picture. But it will be smooth and ready to decorate.

Our house boxes are for decorative purposes only and are not toys. No fixings for wall mounting are included with this product.


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