Halloween Accessory Set

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A set of delightfully dreadful Halloween miniatures to set a spooky scene.

Includes a tiny broomstick, cauldron, miniature Jack-O-Lantern and a tray of the smallest toffee apples you ever saw.

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Mwah ha ha! You DARE NOT keep these Halloween miniatures a secret during October … In fact, you’ll see them pop up in almost every Halloween adventure we enjoy with our Fairy Doors.

From Pumpkin picking at midnight, through trick or treating, right into the Witches Kitchen. You’re bound to spot a broomstick here and a Jack-O-Lantern there, if you look closely.

What’s included with these Halloween Miniatures

This adorable accessory set contains a carved pumpkin which I expect your Fairy Friend will proudly display outside their Fairy Door to let you know to expect Fairy visitors.

And of course, there is a broomstick which always comes in handy. Useful for sweeping up and for your friendly Witch friends to ride home on after a visit.

Finally, there is a delightful black miniature cauldron for storing treats, and a tray of tiny toffee apples to hand out to Fairy Friends!

How best to use this adorable Halloween accessory set

In our Secret Fairy Circle we have full instructions on how best to use our Halloween Fairy Door accessories to enchant your little ones. There is even a set of tiny trick or treat Fairy letters and a magical eBook story about our resident Naughty Goblin!

Membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is included with all of our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you can purchase lifetime access without a Fairy Door HERE.

Oh! And don’t forget to keep an eye on our Instagram feed during October. We will be having lots of magical adventures using this little set that we would be delighted to share with you.

A note from ‘Elf & Safety

All our Fairy Door accessory sets are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children due to very small parts.

6 reviews for Halloween Accessory Set

  1. Claire

    Amazing quality, they are absolutely adorable teeny Halloween accessories. We cannot wait to set up for Halloween!!

  2. Estelle Tudor

    What a fantastic little Halloween set, everything you need to set up spooky shenanigans outside your fairy door! Love how it came packaged in black, sparkly tissue paper in its own little box. Perfect for keeping it safe and tidy.

  3. Cheryl

    This is just the cutest set for Halloween I love the quality of the accessories from fairy nice trading they are always 5 star 🌟

  4. Sarah Humphreys

    Oh my, I do love the teeny cauldron and the pumpkin is gorgeous, this will make a fab addition to our fairy door sets.

  5. Ailish Burke

    Amazing detail. The accessories are beautifully made they really add to the magic of the fairies, my little one thinks the fairies leave the decorations and decorate the house.

  6. Lea

    This set is amazing and perfect for Halloween. They are all very well made items. I particularly love the pumpkin and cauldron. They are very solid items and so very cute. I have bought the Black Fairy Door specifically for Halloween and I know these accessories are going to look amazing with the door. My niece absolutely loves Halloween and I know she is going to be blown away by this mystical scene outside her Fairy Door on Halloween. I highly recommend this set.

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