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Fairy Window – Blush


The prettiest Fairy Window to match our blush coloured Fairy Doors. With blush pink, peach and coppery roses and deep green foliage.

Choose ONE background to complete your window.

If more that one is selected we will take the top choice.

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If only you could take a peek into Fairyland … Well, perhaps you can my sweet! Through this picture perfect little Fairy Window to match your Fairy Door.

About your Fairy Window

This beautiful Fairy Window is wooden and painted white. It is roughly 10cm tall and 9-10cm wide, depending on your Fairy foliage.

It is decorated with only the prettiest of blooms from the Enchanted Woods, in blush pinks, peaches and copper tones on top of deep green foliage.

Choose how you see the world

Everyone’s view of Fairyland is different, so we offer you a choice of outlook from your window. You can choose from blue sky, pink sky, night sky or woodland.

Each view is taken from a different section of the sky in Fairyland. This means that whichever colouring you choose, the view from the window for your Fairy Door will be unique to you.

But think carefully about your choice, as we will fix your background firmly to your Window before we send it.

How to fix your Window

Your view will provide a flat back to your Window which you can use to attach it to your wall. We recommend that you use sticky tac for this as it will allow you to move or remove the Window if necessary, with minimal damage to the wall beneath.

A Note from ‘Elf and Safety

Remember, each window background will be slightly different so may not look exactly like that pictured. We will not fix your background to your Window until we receive your order. So please allow 2 days more than usual for despatch of your order, to allow time for the glue to dry.

Only ONE background may be chosen. If more that one is selected we will take the top choice.

Our Fairy Windows are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We recommend adult supervision when displaying them near to young children due to delicate and tiny parts.


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