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Fairy Baking accessory set

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This adorable miniature Fairy baking accessory set contains a large mixing bowl, wooden spoon, whisk, rolling pin, cupcake baking tray, sack of flour with scoop and dish of eggs.

PLUS a set of printable groceries, cake box and a Fairy Nice recipe book!

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Fairies love nothing better than to while away an hour or two in the Fairy kitchen, whipping up something sweet. So these baking accessories for Fairy friends are just what they need!

What this Fairy Door accessory set includes

This truly delightful little set includes a tiny wooden spoon, whisk and a large mixing bowl. Can you just imagine your Fairy friend stirring away, singing a happy tune to herself? Perhaps she is making some sweet jam tarts. She can roll out the pastry with her little wooden rolling pin, and pop it in her special baking tray.

Of course, there is no limit to the tasty treats she might bake as she has a large sack of flour and a whole dish full of eggs. If you are lucky, she may even make your little one a magical birthday cake to celebrate their big day!

How to create magical adventures with your baking accessories for Fairy Doors

Baking is one of the tasks that a little Fairy friend will enjoy busying herself with on a regular basis. And we always find that it is these day-to-day activities, most like our own, that enchant little ones the most. So you will find that this little accessory set gets an awful lot of use.

However, this Fairy baking accessory set will be at it’s most valuable when you are preparing to celebrate a magical milestone or a special occasion. Help to build excitement as you approach a big day by demonstrating to your child that their friend behind the Fairy Door is cooking up something magical. That might be a birthday party tea, Easter treats or a festive feast for Christmas!

Printable extras for your Fairy baking accessory set

Included with this particular Fairy Door accessory set is a set of our world famous printables. To add to the magic of your Fairy kitchen, print out and put together a Fairy recipe book, a cake box and some extra grocery boxes. You’ll find the link to download your printable set in your order confirmation*

Of course, in our Secret Fairy Circle there are oodles more printable sets and Fairy letters just like this one. Plus so much inspiration for magical adventures. You can step inside this member-only area by purchasing one of our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you can buy lifetime access without one of our Fairy Doors HERE>>

A last note from ‘Elf and Safety

All our Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only. They are not toys. We recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children due to very small parts indeed.

*Can’t find the link for your printables? Don’t worry! Just drop us a line at [email protected]

1 review for Fairy Baking accessory set

  1. Sarah Humphreys

    Oh, I am having so much fun with this set, our fairies have made cakes, biscuits and have all sorts of festive delights up their sleeves. I love the little rolling pin and baking tray in this set and the plate of eggs is just too cute. It is just perfect for all sorts of occasions and beautifully packaged as always too. Thank you fairy nice trading x

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