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Ebook – A Fairy Nice birthday


This invaluable ebook will show you how to stage a most magical adventure for your little one’s birthday, outside their Fairy Door.

Includes 10 printable Fairy notecards to accompany Birthday Fairy Door scenes leading up to the big day; Printable birthday signs to decorate around your Fairy Door; A printable donut box from the Fairy Nice Bakery; 8 printable miniature Fairy Birthday cards; and two printable Fairy Party hats.

Available FREE to Fairy Circle members in the Fairy Library.


This Fairy Door ebook provides step-by-step instructions to show you how to have a magical adventure with your Fairy Door for your little one’s birthday. There are step by step instructions detailing adorable Birthday Fairy Door scenes that will enchant your little ones from preparing for the big day, the magical occasion itself, and of course, tidying up afterwards.

This Fairy Door ebook shows you how to create Birthday Fairy Door scenes with a combination of Fairy Nice Fairy Door accessory sets and things that can be found around the home or easily and cheaply sourced. The scenes range from super simple to ridiculously easy. Each one is entirely adorable.

This ebook is NOT tiny human friendly (i.e. it is full of Fairy Door spoilers). Read the ebook secretly, well away from your little ones!

Includes 10 printable Fairy notecards to compliment Birthday Fairy Door scenes

You will find the link to download your mini eBook within your order receipt, sent immediately after checkout. But that is not the only little treat we have in store for you. You will also find a link to download our  10 printable Fairy notecards that will perfectly compliment your Birthday Fairy Door scenes. These delightful little notecards are designed to fit perfectly in our magical Fairy Post Boxes.

Includes printable Fairy signs, birthday cards, party hats and cake box to accessorise your Birthday Fairy Door scenes

Your Fairy Friend will want to pull out all the stops to create a magical moment on your little one’s birthday. So we have included some adorable printable birthday signs for you to use at your celebration. Not only that but you will also find 8 miniature birthday cards to print out and send from Fairy friends.

There are also templates and instructions for 2 Fairy birthday hats and our delightful donut box from the Fairy Bakery. All included with this eBook.

If you do not receive your email containing the links to all these goodies, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Would you like to learn how to enchant your child with a Birthday Fairy Door for FREE?

Find this Fairy Door ebook  and printables in our Fairy Circle!

This ebook is available to Fairy Circle members for FREE! You can become a member of our secret Fairy Circle by purchasing any of our beautiful Fairy Doors or Fairy Door accessory sets. Once you have placed your order you will receive the magic password to allow you to enter. Head straight to the Fairy Nice Library where you will find this ebook, and others ready for you to download.

In addition, Fairy Circle members have unlimited access to all our ready-written, ready to print Fairy Letters and notecards.


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