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Birthday Fairy accessory set


The essentials for hosting an enchanting Fairy Birthday Party outside your Fairy Door.

This set contains: a pretty pastel tea set with teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 6 plates and 6 tea cups; a birthday cake, and 3 shiny Fairy gifts (small, medium and large).

10 printable Fairy Letters and tiny Fairy Birthday cards are also included.

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Just imagine your little one waking on their special day to find a tiny birthday party in progress outside their Fairy Door! Our Birthday Fairy Door accessory set is designed to have everything you need to create that magical adventure for them.

Included in this Birthday Fairy Door accessory set

The Fairy Bakery has enlisted it’s finest chef for this accessory set. They have whipped up a beautiful miniature birthday cake for your little one, with pink frosting and flowers.

There is also the sweetest miniature tea set in a pastel colours. It perfectly co-ordinates with any of our beautiful Fairy Doors. It contains a little teapot, a milk jug and a tiny sugar bowl. Plus, there are enough plates and tea cups for 6 Fairy Friends to join in.

But wait! One should never arrive at a party without a gift. So, your friends behind the Fairy Door have brought 3 wrapped in shiny paper and tied with gold bows.

10 printable letters from the Birthday Fairy, and our printable birthday cards are included for FREE

To help you make the most of this adorable Fairy Door accessory set we have included 10 printable letters from the Birthday Fairy for FREE. Each one inspires an adorable Fairy Door scene right up to the big day.

We have also included a set of tiny printable birthday cards. Write them from adoring Fairy friends from across Fairyland, or even from your own family!

A Birthday Fairy Door accessory set for a special day and beyond …

This delightful little Birthday Fairy Door accessory set is a fabulous way to quickly and easily create a little magic on your child’s special day. However, the pieces inside can also be used to enchant at other times of the year too!

Mix and match this Birthday Fairy Door accessory set with elements from our other sets to provide irrefutable evidence of life behind your Fairy Door. A little cup here, or an unexpected present there is bound to earn a gasp of wonder from your little ones.

More Birthday Fairy fun in our Secret Fairy Circle

Now, the best way for us to help you create magical adventures with this adorable Fairy Door accessory set is from inside our Secret Fairy Circle.

In the Secret Fairy Circle, we do our best to help you make the most of your Fairy Door accessories. You have unlimited access to all our printable Fairy Letters, certificates and accessories. You can borrow our mini eBooks from the Fairy Nice Library at any time for FREE. And we send you exclusive monthly offers and ideas to help you create your magical adventures.

Membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is included with all of our beautiful Fairy Doors. Or you can purchase lifetime access without a Fairy Door HERE.

A note from ‘Elf and Safety

All our Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children due to very small and delicate parts.

Unfortunately you are unable to specify the colour of your Fairy gifts. However we will try our best to co-ordinate with your Fairy Door, if purchased together.


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