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Wonderland Fairy Door

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“You’re much too big! Simply impassible.”

“You mean impossible.”

“No impassible. Nothing is impossible.”

To celebrate the enchanting tale of Alice in Wonderland, our fairy kind friends from Wonderland have created this limited edition Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door. The beautiful door colour is inspired by the colour of dear Alice’s eyes. The Queen of hearts herself has taken charge of the decorations. She insisted that red roses frame her hand painted Royal Heart emblem. But uh oh! it looks like somebody grew white roses instead, and is hurriedly painting them before the hot tempered Queen can see.

A beautiful gift

Alice will take charge of sending you this Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door herself. She will wrap it in sparkling tissue paper and tuck it up in a Fairy Nice gift box.

This Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door has a working brass door knocker, letter box and crystal door knob. Inside the box Alice has included a tiny paint pallet, a personalised letter politely explaining all about the Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door and her teeny tiny Fairy Door Key for your safe keeping. As you know, she can be a little bit of a scatterbrain at times.

Add a Magic Post Box

When you order this Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door you may also like to add a smart red Magic Post Box. Then you can easily exchange notes and letters with Alice and her friends behind the door in Wonderland.

An important message from Alice

Our Fairy Door to Wonderland does not open for normal humans. Only enchanted Folk can open the Wonderland Door with their magic key! The drink me bottle will not open either. All our beautiful Fairy Doors and Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying this Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door and accessories near to small children due to very small parts

1 review for Wonderland Fairy Door

  1. Jenna

    Jenna was gifted an Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door by a friend for her birthday.
    She says, “This Alice in wonderland Fairy Door is for one of my favorite Disney character’s in the world. I am really excited to have her and all. So getting letter’s from her is a treat for me.”

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