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Wonderland Fairy Door

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Fairy Circle Membership

Lifetime membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is FREE with your beautiful Fairy Door
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Fairy Post Box (red) – optional

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"Hello" Fairy Door Sign – optional

Super stylish "hello" Fairy Door sign. Black and white with a sweet gingham bow.

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Who would you like Alice to address her little letter to? *

Is their anything in particular you would like Alice to mention in her letter?

For example, is this Fairy Door arriving to celebrate a special occasion?

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Curiouser and curiouser… I wonder where this enchanted doorway could lead? Why! I imagine our NEW Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door could take you straight to tea with the Mad Hatter himself, don’t you?

Your Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door

This beautiful miniature doorway is the most exquisite aqua blue, with a bright white door frame. As with all our Fairy Doors, it has a working door knocker, a letterbox, and a sparkling crystal door knob.

Across the mantle grow the roses. But it seems some silly planted white ones instead of red. Look closely, and you’ll see they are painting them before the Queen arrives. And tumbling down the doorframe are all the little playing cards, with the Queen of Hearts at the top, of course!

This stunning Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door is a perfect gift for fans of Lewis Carroll

This beautiful Fairy Door would make such a special gift. Alice herself, will wrap it in sparkling tissue paper and tuck it carefully inside a luxury gift box for you.

She will include any of the optional extras you have chosen too, alongside the extra magic touches we gift you as standard …

Including a personalised letter from Alice herself

Inside the box, your little one will find a personalised letter from Alice. She will explain how magical folk will use the Wonderland Door, and how much they are all looking forward to sharing magical adventures with their new friend, (plus any other little messages you would like them to share with your child!)

And of course, she will also include a tiny Magic key on a ribbon, so that she can let herself in and out.

And a final flourish of Wonderland Magic

But wait! There’s one last flourish of magic to add! When you purchase this beautiful Fairy Door, Alice will automatically welcome you as a member of our Secret Fairy Circle.

In this exclusive area you will find inspiration for creating all sorts of truly enchanting Fairy Door scenes. You will have access to a Fairy Nice Library full of all our tips and tricks for creating convincing evidence of life behind the door. Plus you will be able to download any of our many ready-written, ready-to-print Fairy Letters, to delight your little one whenever you please.

An important message from Alice

Our Fairy Door to Wonderland does not open for normal humans. Only enchanted Folk can open the Wonderland Door with their magic key!

All our beautiful Fairy Doors and Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying this Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door and accessories near to small children due to very small parts

2 reviews for Wonderland Fairy Door

  1. Jenna

    Jenna was gifted an Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door by a friend for her birthday.
    She says, “This Alice in wonderland Fairy Door is for one of my favorite Disney character’s in the world. I am really excited to have her and all. So getting letter’s from her is a treat for me.”

  2. Rebecca Ford

    Just wow! I have gifted this door to my daughter for her upcoming 3rd birthday & we both love Alice in wonderland Disney film & book & we cannot wait to start our fairy adventures with our own Fairy Alice. This door is just beautiful!

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