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What a Fairy eats is something little ones are always most curious about. Here are some miniature items of Fairy food perfect for any Fairy tea party or midnight feast.

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  • valentine's accessory set for fairy doors and dollhouses uk online

    Valentine’s Fairy Accessories

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  • Easter miniatures to buy uk

    Easter Miniatures

    From: £16.00
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  • miniature cake stand

    Miniature Cake Stand

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  • miniature chocolate cake uk

    Miniature Chocolate Cake

    From: £3.00
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  • miniature strawberry sponge cake

    Strawberry Sponge Cake

    From: £3.00
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  • fairy door deliveries uk

    Fairy Door Deliveries Set

    From: £20.00
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  • fairy breakfast miniatures uk online

    Fairy Breakfast Set

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  • miniature tea & biscuits set uk

    Tiny Tea & Biscuits

    From: £10.00
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  • Miniature Balloons (Grey)

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  • miniature Fairy books for Fairy Doors uk

    Cosy Night In Accessory Set

    From: £20.00
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