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As I write this week’s blog, we are at the beginning of the 2018 Football World cup. England has just won their first match. And even the Fairies behind the Fairy Door are feeling a bit of Football fever. So today I want to share with you a free printable football goal, and how to make a Fairy football, so that your Fairy Friends can join in with this magical adventure.

free printable for Fairy doors

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Time for some Fairy Football fun

Right now, all around the world, people are catching Football fever. However, today’s magical adventure needn’t be for World Cup season only. Throughout the Summer months your Fairies might like to have a kick about in the sunshine or after a lazy picnic. Or perhaps as part of your seaside fun, they might play a game of beach football. Then come Autumn, when football season begins, use this free printable football goal to mirror your children joining in team games with school or with an after school or weekend club.

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Your Football Kit List

I promise this is going to be super simple, my sweet. First you are going to need a few bits from around the home. Here’s a little kit list for you:

free printable fairy football kit list

Your free printable Football goal

Now, click the image below and your free printable football goal will download as a PDF. Print this onto the white card, or some strong white paper.

free printable football goal for fairy doors

Follow the instructions on the PDF. Cut the entire shape out. Then fold along the dashed lines. Put some glue on the tabs where indicated. Then attach the glued tabs to the side panels. As if by magic, you have created your Fairy goal.

Now, make the Fairy Football

A Fairy football is bound to be shiny. So to make it, we are going to use tin foil. Simply scrunch or roll a small piece of tin foil into a ball, and you are all set for the match.

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Did you enjoy this magical adventure?

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I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of Football Fairy Fun. You see, there really is no limit at all to the magical adventures you can have when you install a beautiful Fairy Door. When you purchase yours, you will automatically be invited to join our secret Fairy Circle. Here we share all sorts of inspiration and advice to help you continue to enchant your little ones for years to come. There are oodles more printable sets, just like the one above, available at the click of a button. Plus we have ready written Fairy letters, and exclusive monthly offers on accessories to help you build your Fairy Nice world.

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