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Hands up who's worried about going back to school?

Going back to school can be a bit daunting for little ones. Especially after a Summer of fun safely nestled amongst close friends and family.

But our printable Fairy lunchbox letters will help you fill your child with the comfort and confidence  they need to enjoy this magical adventure - even when you can't be there to hold their hand.

That first day is full of unknowns

lunchbox fairy

No matter how well you plan, prepare and pack for them, the truth of the matter is, your child will largely have to handle the first day back at school by themselves.

And even the toughest tot can find themselves floundering after a whole morning of new faces, things, and thinking without a the usual motherly moral support.

Enter the Lunchbox Fairy!

printable Fairy lunchbox letters

Our printable Fairy lunchbox letters are a super sweet way to slip a whisper of reassurance into the school day.

Each letter on the first page of our printouts, has a message from the heart. They let your child know they are not alone on this magical adventure.

On the second page are a bunch of notes designed to impart a little Fairy wisdom. These are invaluable should they find themselves having a difficult day, and in need of sage advice.

When to use your printable Fairy lunchbox letters

printable lunchbox letters

These Fairy notes will fit beautifully into your Magic Post Box for a before-school boost. That's perfect if you are wanting to send more reluctant troops off with a spring in their step and a smile in their heart.

For those that head out the door at break neck speed, only to feel a little lost by lunchtime, I would recommend slipping a note into their lunchbox instead. (You might like to laminate the notes to protect them from spills).

Each way delivers just the right dash of magic at the right time.

Now, here are your printable Fairy lunchbox letters

Click the button below and your letters should download, ready to print out, as if by magic.

Find your Lunchbox Letters HERE!

And here is a little bonus lesson I learned in Fairy School

back to school fairy

It's super hard for Fairy Godmothers, letting go of their children's hand so that they can continue to grow. But passing notes through the Fairy Door can be an amazing way to stay connected to your little one, even as they head off to big school and beyond.

sage green fairy door

Whether I am creating a little scene to entertain them when they get home, or writing a little note to praise or encourage them, being the magic behind the Fairy Door provides that special spark of joy that parents like best.

Won't you join me on a magical adventure?

I'd love for you to experience this enchantment for yourselves. So, pop your details below, and I will send you the magic code for a free accessory set with your first order, to get you started:

Fairy Doors UK

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