A Printable Back to School Fairy Letter

It's their first day back at school, and we're all feeling a little anxious ... Fairy Godmother's included! So, a printable back to school Fairy letter is just what is needed.

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We're all a little anxious on the first day at school

As I write, it's been an extraordinarily long time since the little ones were at school. And I think it's safe to say that when they return, things won't look quite the way we've all been used to.

So, it's only natural that we're all a little anxious for that first day back at school.

But our Fairy friends are on hand to reassure us

fairy door ideas for first day at school

Introducing a Fairy Door at this special time is a perfect way to not only enchant your little one, but also to offer them a little comfort and reassurance.

Because a Fairy friend can offer to stay with your child in their new environment, even when you can't be with them.

Use our printable back to school Fairy letterthe best way to introduce a fairy door

In our Secret Fairy Circle you will find a printable back to school Fairy letter ready to use. It works equally well for children starting school for the first time as for those returning after the holidays.

It reminds your little one that their Fairy Friends are watching over them whilst they head out on this magical adventure.

Then create an enchanting Fairy Door scene to remind your child that they are not alone

Miniature Fairy Pencils,

Hopefully, the reassuring words of the Fairies will allow your child to settle in to enjoying the activities of the first few days.

But to remind them that they are not alone, make it clear the Fairies are off to school too!

Alongside your printable fairy letter, we also have bonus printable accessories for you. Including bunting, Fairy school books and lunch bags. All of which you are free to use the create the most enchanting back to school Fairy Door scene, at any time of the year.

Lifetime access of our Secret Fairy Circle is included for FREE when you purchase any of our beautiful Fairy Doors

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At The Fairy Nice Trading Company we have all seen first hand with our own children, the sweet effect a visit from the Fairies can have on an anxious child.

We created the Secret Fairy Circle to help others share that magic too, in the most quick and stress free way we knew how ... And we include lifetime access to it for FREE with every one of our beautiful Fairy Doors.

And we'll gift you a FREE Fairy Door accessory set with your first order, when you sign up below

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