We just love to see our beautiful Fairy Doors in the Press!

We just love to see our beautiful Fairy Doors in the Press!

and we've been lucky enough to be featured in some wonderful publications ...

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If you would like to feature our beautiful Fairy Doors, do get in touch

It's not their fault. Our Fairies are only tiny and terribly uncomplicated. This means that they can be a little vain. They love nothing more than seeing their beautiful Fairy Doors featured in the Press. So, whether you are local or national, online or in print, a blogger, journalist or reporter, please do feel free to get in touch with us.

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Press kit

Our "Fairy Doors in the Press" Kit

If you would like to feature our beautiful Fairy Doors in your article or blog, you might find the following useful:

Our short business bio

Caroline Dobson founded The Fairy Nice Trading Company in 2014, after she created her very first Fairy Door for her youngest daughter. She was spell-bound by the notion of a tiny enchanted doorway on the wall through which Fair Folk of all kinds could come and go whilst her daughters were asleep. Since then the company has grown to spread magic into the homes of countless families all around the world. Each of the beautiful Fairy Doors is still hand-finished by Caroline herself in her home.

(For more information on how The Fairy Nice Trading began take a peek at my ABOUT page!)


Please feel free to use the following image in your piece. We would be fairy grateful if you would not alter or edit the image other than it's size.

Our Fairy Door designs and images are all ©The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

If you would like to use additional or alternative images, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange something to suit.


Expanding your child's imagination with a Fairy Door

This image features our most popular Fairy Door, the candy pink Fairy Door with bunting.

About Caroline Dobson, founder of The Fairy Nice Trading Company

Caroline Dobson lives in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire with her husband and two daughters. After many years of leading a rather unremarkable life, in which she trained and worked as a bookkeeper and administrator, created a lovely home and raised her beautiful family, she stumbled into the magical world of Fairyland through a beautiful pink Fairy Door. Now she is truly blessed to be the owner of a enchanting little business called The Fairy Nice Trading Company.


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