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What a magical milestone! Your little one is coming to the end of their time in the nursery and they are about to head off to Big School. And what better way to celebrate their Pre-School graduation than with a little help from their Fairy Friends ...

how to celebrate pre-school graduation

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Why do we bother?

The latest craze of these mini graduation ceremonies for children leaving pre-school or nursery can seem a bit much to some. Why make such a song and dance about pre-school graduation?

But a magical milestone such as this deserves to be celebrated. Because at the end of the day, childhood is about more than just getting as much knowledge under your belt and moving on to the next level. It's about more than simply box-ticking learning objectives

inside all of us is a star waiting to shine

As parents we do our best

As parents we do our best to raise our children to know that they are talented. To know that they are unique. To feel that they are special in whatever way that fits with them.

We take every opportunity to help them realise that they are a little star and encourage them as they start to shine.

Childhood is magical and each milestone is a precious opportunity to remind us of that

Preschool graduation celebration

Childhood is magical. As our children attend their Pre-School Graduation, we acknowledge that this is a moment to really reflect on that and celebrate all that the family has achieved to reach this milestone.

So, let's all enjoy a Fairy Nice Pre-School Graduation

Of course your friends behind the Fairy Door would hate to miss out on this sort of fun. They're itching to hold their very own Fairy Nice Pre-School Graduation.

Just look  ...

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