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our personalised fairy doorWhat is that turns a new neighbour into a friend? Why! It's getting to know all about them at heart. And that is exactly the reason our first personalised Fairy Door came complete with a little letter from the Fairies.

Let me explain further ...

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The day the Fairies moved in

My little girl was about to turn 4 years old. The little Fairy Door I had created for her was certainly a beautiful sight to behold.

In her favourite colours and decorated with paper roses, it was so pretty. And I was certain that she would fall in love with it on sight.

But to be sure that her bright imagination would be utterly captured by my very special gift, there was one last, special touch it needed.

Our personalised Fairy Door captured her imagination

Alongside her beautiful Fairy Door, my daughter found a personalised letter from the Fairies. It explained all about why they chose her to be their friend. And they talked about how they would use the door to come and go.

Watching her eyes glitter, and her little face light up as her Nanny read her the note, I realised that she was now utterly convinced that Fairies were all around her.

From that day to this, I have always insisted that each of our beautiful Fairy Doors includes a letter from the Fairies personalised for their new home.

pink fairy doors

Who would your Fairy letter come from?

When you order your beautiful Fairy Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company, we ask you to include the details we need for the Fairies to write their personalised letter.

Over the years we've sent Fairy letters from Birthday Fairies, Sleep Fairies, Dummy Fairies and Tooth Fairies. There have been letters from Elves, letters from Leprechauns and enchanted sea scrolls from Mermaids.

personalised fairy door

And what would they tell your child?

In their letters, the Fair Folk have sent birthday wishes for the most special of days. They've promised visits from Elf on the Shelf, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Sometimes our personalised Fairy letters have promised to take care of those poor little ones who worry, are afraid or cannot sleep. Other times they reassure those moving to a new home or school.

finding the fairy door at christmas

Our Fairy letters even come in advance for new babies. Or promise to watch over little ones as they grow as a Christening gift - Just like the Fairies in Sleeping Beauty!

The personalised Fairy letter is what connects your child to the friend behind the Fairy Door from the very first moment

I think our personalised Fairy Door is what truly sets The Fairy Nice Trading Company apart from other Magic Doors that you might find on your travels.

The personalised Fairy letter connects your child to the Fairy behind the Fairy Door from the very first moment. It sets the tone for Fairy fun for the days, months and years to come.

I believe it is what makes our Fairy Doors the kind of gift that lasts a lifetime or longer

With our personalised letter your Fairy friend comes to life. She becomes real. She becomes a friend, and therefore she becomes important to your daughter.

finding the fairy door

In our home the Fairies have become part of the family! So I’ve no doubt our Fairy Door will be passed down through generations of little girls to come.

A personalised Fairy letter and a FREE accessory set with your beautiful Fairy Door

We include a personalised letter from your new Fairy Friend with each of our Fairy Doors. But I'd like to add another little gift to your order as well.

Simply pop your details below and I will send you the magic code for a FREE accessory set with your next order over £30.

Fairy Doors UK

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