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Have you met the sweet friends behind our Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors yet?

Well then, let me invite you for a stroll along Wisteria Lane. We can give each door a little tap and see who's in for tea and cake.

The prettiest Fairy Doors you've ever seen

pink and grey fairy doors

Our Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors now come in 4 different colourways - Pink, blush, grey and NEW black.

However, they all share some very beautiful details.

Each one has a working door knocker, a tiny letterbox and a sparkling crystal doorknob.

Each doorframe is surrounded by a delicious combination of beautiful blooms

fairy doors with flowers uk

Sweet roses nestle amongst the lush foliage. Whilst their signature Wisteria flowers trail like falling Fairy tears - There's a story behind that... Perhaps one day I will share it with you.

Of course, kerb appeal is extremely important to the residents of Wisteria Lane.

With Fairy Doors so pretty one cannot be let down by the neighbourhood

peach fairy door

So, windows are bright and shiny and you will often spot a beautiful flower wreath or a delicate dreamcatcher hanging from a door knocker.

Without exception, the front gardens are trim and tidy. Borders are neat and picket fences are fresh painted. And don't be surprised to spot a Wishing Well or two in this neck of the enchanted woods either - as every Fairy knows, they are essential for making wishes!

But what about the Fairies that live behind our Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors?

Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door, the fairy nice trading company uk

Well, as to the residents themselves, I'm certain you will be simply enchanted when they make your acquaintance via a personalised letter on soft, shimmering paper.

Yes, you'll be delighted to learn that this is a gentle street full of kind souls. Listen carefully and you may hear the sweet whisper of a friendly how-do-you-do or the soft clink of a spare bottle of milk being left on a neighbour's doorstep.

Oh! What an enchanting place to live, here, on Wisteria Lane ...

Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors from the fairy nice trading company

And when early Summer dawns, and the sun warms their wings, these darling little creatures are often found hosting the most delightful Fairy street parties.

What's the occasion? Oh well now! There's always something to celebrate with those dear hearts behind our Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors.

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fairy door ideas blog

Begin a magical adventure with our Wisteria Wishes Fairy Doors and a free gift from the Fairies!

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