Have you met the Mermaids?

In this blog, I want to introduce you to some very special friends of mine. I am going to share with you the magical adventure that led me to create a beautiful Mermaid Door. Then I am going to explain exactly what makes this exquisite door so very enchanting.

Mermaid Fairy Doors UK

Fairy Doors UK

“Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat.”

She was singing at the very top of her tiny voice. My little girl. Not so little anymore. Now she is a great, galumphing 14 year old. But back then she was only four, and she was totally enchanted by Disney’s, The Little Mermaid.

She had an adorable Ariel costume. And just when we thought she was tucked up safe and sound in bed, we would hear a pitter patter of feet across her bedroom floor. She would hop out of bed and put on that Mermaid outfit and then… the singing would begin.

“Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl who has everything”

Of course, at the time the sweetness of it all sometimes wore a little thin after a long day of parenting a young child. She always got most in character just as we sat down for a bit of peace in the evening. But looking back now… Oh! How it makes me smile a warm smile thinking of those evenings. I miss the high tones of that fervent little voice. She sang with such total conviction. She was sure that she really was the little Mermaid.

Lucy and the Mermaid Door

But what about that Mermaid Door

It’s memories like that, that really make motherhood feel magical. And ever since my little girl trilled her first Siren song, Mermaids have taken up a very special place in my heart. So I suppose it was inevitable really, that someday my magical adventures with beautiful Fairy Doors would lead to a Mermaid Door.

This is the most detailed Fairy Door I have ever created

I won’t lie to you, my dear friend. This Mermaid Door really has been a labour of love. It took me month’s to get it just the way I knew it needed to be. I think it’s probably the most detailed Fairy Door I have ever created.

There are all the usual fine details that I know you have come to expect from our Fairy Doors. A working door knocker, a letterbox, our signature crystal doorknob and of course, a tiny Mermaid Door Key. But look closely and you will see this Mermaid Door has “gadgets and gizmos a plenty”.

exquisite detail on this Mermaid door UK

Mermaid Treasures adorn the doorframe

Across the top of the door, caught in sparkling golden fish net, are a myriad of Mermaid Treasures. Beautiful sea shells of various shapes and sizes. Friendly little Starfish, just hanging out to greet the Mermaid as she passes to and fro. And finally the Mermaid’s very own brush, comb and mirror. Perhaps so she can check her wavy locks before she heads out for the day.

You’ll find a beautiful Treasure Chest beside the door

Now, unlike our other Fairy Doors, this Mermaid Door doesn’t have an optional co-ordinating Post Box. It seemed to me that this was entirely impractical for sub-aquatic correspondence and deliveries. I mean surely the letters and parcels would get all wet and sandy!

Instead our Mermaids prefer to exchange letters, gifts and even receive their groceries via Treasure Chest. So we offer a beautiful mahogany wooden chest, perfectly sized for all the Mermaid post.

miniature treasure chest for Fairy Doors UK

A personalised letter from the Mermaids is included

That Mermaid Post begins from the moment you order this beautiful Mermaid Door. Because, like all our Fairy Doors, this Mermaid Fairy Door comes with a personalised letter addressed to your little one. However, it’s not in an envelope. No! True to character, like the old world maps of the sea, the Mermaids will write to your child on a parchment scroll and tie it tight with sweet blue organza ribbon.

And there’s one final, enchanting touch

Just as my eldest daughter began my magical adventures with the Mermaids, my youngest girl continues them. As I puzzled over how to make this Mermaid Door truly enchanting she whispered her own little Fairytale to me.

Mermaid accessories for Fairy Doors UK

Mermaid Tears

“Mummy”, she said. “Did you know that when Mermaids weep their tears turn into pearls. Shimmering pearls that contain magical powers”

“But Hayley-Ann,” I replied. “That’s beautiful, but ever so sad”

“No Mummy”, she reassured me. “They only cry happy tears. They’re Magical Tears of Joy. And Sailors search all over the world, on tropical islands and sandy shores, to find these pearls. They put them in little bottles and keep them with them always to protect them from harm when they’re on the sea”.

Now wouldn’t that be a lovely gift to an anxious little one from their new Mermaid friends

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*Song quotes from Disney’s, The Little Mermaid. This Mermaid Door is not endorsed by Disney and is in no way associated with them.

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  1. Estelle 17th July 2018 at 11:45 am #

    Beautiful blog, I love hearing how this stunning door came to be 💙 xx

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