Excuse me? Is this your bonnet?

Our BRAND NEW Easter Fairy Door accessories set is here, my sweet! And I am absolutely delighted to be giving you a sneak peek inside, right here on the blog.

Let's get started...Fairy Doors UKeaster fairy door accessoriesFairy Doors UK

Spring has sprung, and the pretty daffodils grow in the meadow

Your sweet Fairy friends have been looking forward to this moment since Santa said his goodbyes. The warm spring air has woken their wings, and they are eager for a magical adventure.

So they pick up this useful little basket to go and pick daffodils. For every Fairy knows that flowers make a house a home.

[Your Easter Fairy Door accessories set comes ready with a lovely bunch of yellow paper daffodils.]

Easter fairy door accessories uk

Err? Excuse me little lady? Is this your bonnet?

This time of year the warming sun can catch on a Fairy's delicate skin. So one must never leave the Fairy Door without a hat!

But this is no ordinary hat, my dear heart. I'm sure you noticed. This sweet little Easter bonnet has been carefully crafted by your Fairy Friend. She intends to enter the "GREAT FAIRY EASTER BONNET CONTEST" with it.

I think she might win first prize. Don't you?

miniature easter bonnet uk

Now, isn't that kind

Tucked away inside our Fairy Friend's Easter basket are three tiny, weeny little cards.

No doubt, she is on her way to deliver them, placing them carefully in the Fairy Post Boxes of all her favourite neighbours.

[Your Easter Fairy Door accessories set contains both the Easter Bonnet and 3 miniature Easter Cards.

They're so small, that they could only have been written by Fairies!]

miniature easter eggs uk

Here are treats for good little Fairies at Easter

When Easter morning finally comes around, your Fairy Friends will be all of a-flutter. You see, they are expecting a very special visitor! A magical bunny who brings chocolate treats for the all little ones that have been good.

Of course, you may not catch a glimpse of his soft, pom-pom tail as he bounces back through the Fairy Door. But you will know that he has been.

How? Why! He will have left your Fairies 2 of the tiniest Easter Eggs you ever saw. And I imagine they will want a cup of tea to wash them down with, if I know Fairies.

easter fairy door accessories

It's time to invest in your Easter Fairy Door accessories set

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