My 3 favourite Fairy Doors for Summer

My Fairies simply adore the Summertime. Golden sunshine and a little warmth on their wings always seems to inspire them to create the most beautiful Fairy Doors. It's hard to chose an absolute favourite. But here are my top 3 Fairy Doors for Summer.

Fairy Doors UK

1. I'm in the PINK in Summer

pink fairy door for summer

pink fairy doors

Our beautiful pink flower wall Fairy Door was redesigned for 2019.

With gorgeous pink-mix flowers filling the space above the door, the Summer pink Fairy Door is a perfect choice for a magical adventure in the sun.

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2. Hang out the bunting - Summer is here!

purple fairy door with bunting uk

fairy doors for summer

pink fairy door with bunting uk

Nothing quite says summer like yards of beautiful bunting gently flapping in the breeze.

The bunting on our beautiful bunting Fairy Doors may be wooden. But it is lovingly hand painted in the prettiest pastels.

It conjures up images of sweet little beach huts along the promenade. Making these some of our favourite Fairy Doors for Summer.

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3. I spy on the Horizon.... My favourite Fairy Door for Summer!

mermaid fairy door for summer

mermaid fairy door for summer

The third of my 3 favourite Fairy Doors for Summer isn't a Fairy Door at all. Indeed, it's a Mermaid Door.

Because who doesn't like to spend the Summer lazing in a sandy cove, listening to the waves lap the rocks and imagining a beautiful Mermaid appearing on the shore?

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Fairy Doors UK

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