My favourite Christmas Fairy Doors

christmas fairy doors

It's really quite unfair of you, my Fairy friend! To ask me to pick a favourite? But in all honesty some of our beautiful Fairy Doors are far more suited to certain times of year. So in this little blog let me share with you my favourite Christmas Fairy Doors.

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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

grey christmas fairy doors

Our BRAND NEW Winter grey Fairy Door gives you all the frosty feels!

With tiny, snow-dusted pine cones nestled amongst silver and white flower wall, your Christmas Fairy Door will feel like it's the gateway to a true Winter Wonderland.

Take a closer look HERE

Sisters! Sisters!

pink christmas fairy doors

Our pink Winter Fairy Door is our grey Fairy Door's big sister.

Just like her sibling, her flower wall sits on a soft bed of white feathers. And you know what they say?

"When feathers are here, a Fairy is near!"

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The best Christmas Fairy Doors are always RED!

christmas fairy doors

Of course, I couldn't share my favourite Christmas Fairy Doors without including my red Fairy friends!

There are two that particularly get me singing "jingle bells"...

The Holly & the Ivy

Red fairy door for Christmas

Our red flower wall Fairy Door is brimming with natural festiveness. There is an absolute abundance of seasonal blooms across her doorframe.

Surely, this is the prettiest Fairy Door any Christmas Elf or Fairy could choose to visit through.

Learn more HERE

Here comes Santa Claus

Christmas Fairy Door Set red uk

Hang out the bunting! Santa is coming.

This ho-ho-honestly the most striking of all our Christmas Fairy Doors.

Such a vibrant colour, and with adorable bright, hand painted bunting.

Learn more here

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

green christmas fairy doors

The last of my favourite Fairy Doors for Christmas. Just look at those bold black and white spotted Pheasant feathers on the doorframe!

The bright red of the berries on the holly leaves and a hand painted Toadstool tell me there is a cheerful little soul living here, ready to delight your family throughout the year.

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