Mumma Murray’s Magical Fairy Door Unboxing

Mumma Murray Fairy Door unboxing

In this little blog post, I am going to hand over to one of our newest Fairy Friends, Rachel-Jayne (aka Mumma Murray). In her magical Fairy Door unboxing she is going to show you exactly what's in the Fairy Nice box! She's also going to share with you exactly why she is delighted to become a Fairy friend.

Fairy Doors UK


Fairy Doors UK

Our favourite bits from this magical Fairy Door unboxing

Wasn't that just lovely! I think it's so nice to hear from our Fairy Friends, what it is actually like to receive one of our beautiful Fairy Doors. And I very much enjoyed the cameo appearance from sweet Georgia.

Here are a few of my favourite bits from Rachel-Jayne's Fairy Door unboxing:

The Fairy Door

Winter pink Fairy Door uk

A beautiful Fairy Door for Georgia

The Fairy Door that Rachel-Jayne received was our Winter Pink, NEW for 2018.

This is a simply stunning Fairy Door with beautiful pink, grey and silver blooms and soft white feathers across the door frame. It has a working door knocker, a letterbox, and of course, our signature crystal door knob.

...With a personalised letter from the Fairies

Rachel-Jayne showed you the tiny Fairy Key and personalised letter that the Fairies included with their gift. Each of our Fairy Doors come with this little letter. We believe it helps to create a beautiful bond between your little one and their new Fairy friend.


The Fairy Circle

Fairy Circle Membership

...And membership of our Secret Fairy Circle

I'm absolutely thrilled by how excited Rachel-Jayne is to be a member of our Secret Fairy Circle. This is a wonderful space where we share all our Fairy Magic with Mummas wanting to create magical adventures for their little ones.

Inside you will find oodles of inspiration, advice and secret tips and tricks. Plus you have unlimited accesses to our eBooks and our printable Fairy letters.

Would you like to become a member too?

Membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is FREE with any of our beautiful Fairy Doors or Elf Doors. But, as Rachel-Jayne says, you can also purchase lifetime membership without a door.

To learn more about the Secret Fairy Circle, click the button below:

Learn more here

Fairy Doors UK

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