Mrs Rushton’s Beautiful Fairy Door Unboxing

This week I have another little YouTube treat for you. The delightful Mrs Rushton is going to share with us the moment she unboxed her beautiful Fairy Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company. And I absolutely dare you not want to give her three adorable daughters a big squish by the end of it. Their reactions are just too cute!

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Our favourite bits from Mrs Rushton's Fairy Door unboxing

Well, what did it tell you! The pure joy and excitement as Alice, Margot and little Harriet unboxed their Fairy Door was just a delight to behold!

Honestly, I never get tired of the glittering eyes and shining smiles of our new Fairy Friends when they first catch sight of their new Fairy Door. It's the sort of gift you just can't put a price on. A special moment that Mothers wait and watch for always, but especially over Christmas.


red fairy door with flower wall uk

red fairy door with flower wall uk

Mrs Rushton's beautiful Fairy Door

The Fairy Door that Mrs Rushton received was our Red Fairy Door with Flower Wall, NEW for 2018.

This is a truly striking Fairy Door in stunning red. There are beautiful blooms and deep green leaves across the door frame. It has a working door knocker, a letterbox, and of course, our signature crystal door knob.

...including a personalised letter from the Fairies

What makes our Fairy Doors truly unique is not just their elegant design and adorable embellishments. From the outset, we strive to help you convince your little ones that someone really does live behind their Magic Door.

The first step on your magical adventure is always the personalised letter from the Fairies that we include with each and every Fairy Door. It helps establish a bond between your child and their new neighbour, which we hope, will turn into a lifelong friendship.

...and the promise of many magical adventures

As Alice, Margot and Harriet grow, we hope that they will enjoy many magical adventures with their Fairies. As ever, we will be on standby in the Secret Fairy Circle, to help Mrs Rushton create those moments of delight in any way we can.

And we sincerely hope that she will share some of them with us on her fabulous YouTube channel very, very soon.

Bring a little Fairy magic into your own home this year. Shop for your own beautiful Fairy Door now.


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