How to make homeschooling fun

Suddenly homeschooling, my sweet?

help with unexpected homeschooling

The Fairies would love to help you with that

When you find yourself suddenly having to homeschool your little ones, it can all seem a bit overwhelming at first. So in this blog I wanted to share with you how I learnt to make homeschooling fun.

Now, I'm no teacher, but...

Between you and I, I have always fantasised that I would be a brilliant teacher. After all, I'm a Fairy Godmother! Sharing ideas and telling stories is what we do.

fun homeschool ideas

However, in reality I really don't have the patience, perseverance and tolerance to do the amazing job that professional teachers do. So when coronavirus forced me to take up the homeschool challenge, I have to admit I was a little afraid.

To make homeschooling fun I focused on what brings us joy

What really helped however, was stepping away from my preconceptions of what school should look like. And instead I chose to focus on activities that I knew that both my daughter and I would enjoy.

fairy school timetable

But of course, a big part of that was always going to be involving our friends behind the Fairy Door.

Our Fairy Door set the scene for a magical adventure

I imagined what homeschool would look like for Fairies. Just think of the magical lessons that those little creatures would enjoy!

Then, I created a tiny timetable, some little exercise books and other schoolroom pictures and posters. And I set them all out as if Fairy homeschool was in full flow.

making homeschooling fun

I've popped all these printable goodies in the Secret Fairy Circle for you to use too!

Now, if you're thinking that sounds like it's a bit outside your crafty comfort zone, don't worry my sweet. Because I've put everything I made in our Secret Fairy Circle for you to use too.

Our Fairy Circle is a member-only area full of all sorts of printable Fairy letters and accessories, inspiration and how-to's for Fairy fun.

Better still, membership is included FREE with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors.

I let the Fairies inspire the teaching

fun homeschool ideas

Once the little scenes outside the Fairy Door were set, I added letters from our Fairy friends.

Each was a prompt for a fun activity. From drawing to craft to writing stories. From garden games to baking cakes.

I even snuck in some household chores and included a little maths, counting pegs and measuring washing powder. It's amazing what children will do with glee when a Fairy asks them!

Lesson learnt: Put a little magic into everyday

Not everyday is going to be magical, my sweet. Right now the world is an uncertain, and sometimes scary place.

But, we are Fairy Godmothers lovely. And what we can do is put a little magic into every day.

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