Magic Snow outside the Fairy Door

I know that the Winter months of January and February can leave you feeling a little gloomy, dear heart. All the glimmer and glitter of Christmas is fading to a distant memory and all the excitement and anticipation is ebbing away now that the presents have been opened and the mince pies consumed. But fear not, my sweet. I have one last bit of magic in my wand to share with you. Because in this blog we are going to have Fairy fun with Magic Snow.

Let’s get started…

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Winter is a most enchanting season

At no other time in the year is the world quite so still as it is in Winter. While everything appears to be softly sleeping, the Winter Fairies are going quietly about their business. Their frosty touch brings a little magic to every branch and berry, and when they scatter snowflakes from atop the clouds – well! We could almost imagine we are in Fairyland ourselves.

With the help of the last batch of our Christmas Fairy letters, I am now going to show you how you can bring that Winter Fairy magic inside your home. (Remember, our Christmas Fairy Letters are available FREE in our Secret Fairy Circle or can be purchased separately HERE)

What could be more enchanting than finding that Magic Snow has blown through the Fairy Door overnight?

Of course, first you will need to find some Magic Snow, dear heart. But this is easier to come by than you might think. In the Secret Fairy Circle I have a little video for you with my most secret tips for choosing the very best “Magic Snow” from items around the home.

However, whichever substance you choose, please be sure that your “snow” comprises of individual flakes rather than a formed blanket, such as you would get with cotton wool.

I am going to show you why next.

Footsteps outside the Fairy Door

Making simple Fairy Footprints

Remember the first time your little one saw snow, my sweet? It is just adorable to watch because they are absolutely fascinated by the patterns they can make in it with their feet and fingers. We can recreate this excitement in our Magic Snow for our first wintery Fairy Door scene.

Begin by setting the scene. If you have the Large Christmas accessory set take off all the decorations and reuse the tree as a snow-capped fir tree at the edge of the Enchanted Woods. Scatter your Magic Snow thickly in front of the Fairy Door. Then use the tip of your little finger to make a trail of “Fairy footprints” leading up to the Fairy Door. In the top two footprints, stand your Fairy Welly boots.

What about making a Snow Angel?

A second super simple, completely adorable Magic Snow scene is the Snow Angel scene. Again you will need a thick covering of Magic Snow and your little finger. Slowly and carefully shape out the Snow Angel in front of the Fairy Door.

miniature snowman for fairy doors

Whoops! You went a bit wonky?

It doesn’t matter. Simply fluff up your snow and start again. Then place the letter from your Christmas Fairy beside the Fairy Door.

Perhaps your Fairy Friend will enjoy a little sledging

As the snow continues to fall and get a little deeper, your Fairy friend will start to get more adventurous. I shouldn’t think it will be long before a miniature sledge appears at your Fairy Door. For my scene I have used the cute little wooden sledge available in our Jolly Snowman accessory set. However, if you are crafty you might like to make your own out of lolly sticks or a matchbox.

When you have positioned your sledge, again use your little finger to trace out lines running behind it. It will look just like your Fairies have been whizzing up and down on their sledge all night long. Can’t you just imagine them, basked in white moonlight and with the snow spraying out behind them.

What to do with a Fairy Door in winter

Do you wanna build A Fairy Nice Snowman?

Time to slow down a bit but not yet time to go indoors. Because, you see, your friends behind the Fairy Door haven’t yet made a Snowman!

My favourite way to create this next scene is with Marshmallows. This is simply down to the fact that you can nibble as you build. After all, we Fairy Godmothers do deserve a little treat whilst we make our magic, don’t we.

Take three normal sized marshmallows and pile them one on top of the other. You might like to use a cocktail stick down the centre to hold them together. Place one giant chocolate button on the top, and then a mini marshmallow (the kind used for hot chocolates) on top of that. Finally, use black writing icing to add two coal eyes and a smiley coal mouth to your Snowman. Finish your scene off by adding your Fairy Welly Boots and a little shovel.

what to do with a Fairy door in winter

When the Magic Snow starts to melt, it’s time to tidy up

Your Fairy Friend has had such fun in the Magic Snow, but it is time to go back through the Fairy Door into the warm. Of course, all good Fairies like to keep the area around their Fairy Doors looking neat. Snow flung everywhere will never do at all. So, your Fairy will need a broom or spade for this next bit.

Gently sweep your snow aside to create a clean wide path to the Fairy Door or create a small snow mound beside your Snowman. Stand your sledge up beside the Fairy Door and neatly place your Fairy Wellies beside it. Prop your broom or spade against the door to show how hard your Fairy has worked making all this tidy.

And it is hard work sweeping snow, isn’t it! So your Fairy Friend surely deserves a hot drink, and even something to eat, after doing such a great job. Don’t forget to leave out a little cup or mug and maybe a plate of something. Perhaps you have some mince pies left over from Christmas.

cleaning fairy

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