How to plant a Magic Seed outside your Fairy Door

This week something truly enchanting has occurred. A bit of Spring warmth has inspired my little Fairy Friend. It seems she is getting busy outside the Fairy Door. She has even asked my girls to help her plant some “Magic Seeds”. Take a peek at the video below to see what she has been up to, then let me help you to convince your little ones that the Flower Fairies are busy outside your Fairy Door too!

“I had a little Fairy Friend, busy little thing,

Who liked to fill her sunny days with a spot of gardening.”

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Simple Springtime fun outside the Fairy Door

The Magic Seed Fairy Door scene is a delightful way to kick off some Fairy garden fun for so many reasons.

The first, and I think for us busy Mums, possibly the most important, is that it is super simple to execute. Although in the video I embellished the scene with additional Fairy Door accessories, you will basically need just of four key items: A planting pot, some compost, a magic seed and some beautiful blooms.

Better still, these items are extremely flexible in nature. Whatever household item you use, your child will believe that it is what the Fairies say it is. Because remember, children are rarely limited in imagination and they have inside them the most adorable willingness to believe in magic.

preparing the Fairy garden outside the Fairy Door

Learn how to create this Fairy garden fun outside your Fairy Door in my eBook

I’m guessing that when it comes to creating magical moments outside your Fairy Door, right at the top of the priorities list, just below simple is quick. I’d love to tell you that I spend hours setting out mesmerising Fairy Door scenes every evening in my own home. But that would be a lie. Once I have spent a full day making magic at work and at home, I just run out of steam and all the elaborate ideas for enchanting my own little ones usually go to bed with me.

The Magic Seed scene really takes such a little amount of time but the delight it brings is well worth the effort

But the Magic Seed scene really takes such a little amount of time and effort and is the delight that it brings makes it well worth a go. So, to take you through it step by step, I have created a wonderful little eBook, “A Fairy Nice Garden”. In it, not only will you find instructions for creating this adorable scene, there are also additional scenes to keep your little one enchanted by Fairy garden fun rich through Summer and into Autumn.

How to plant a magic seed outside your Fairy Door

Members of our Fairy Circle can download this Book and 12 printable Fairy letters for FREE

You purchase our Fairy Nice Garden eBook in the shop. If you are a member of our secret Fairy Circle, you can find it for FREE in the Fairy Nice Library.

Plus, with this eBook we gift you 12 little accompanying Fairy letters. They are all ready-written and designed to fit perfectly in your Fairy Post Box. Each one will let your little one know exactly what is going on in the changing scene outside your Fairy Door.

Click HERE to take a closer peek at our Fairy garden book and accessories

Plant the magic seeds of imagination

Here’s the final reason that I love creating this scene outside our Fairy Door. It that it gives me just a small amount of truly enchanting, one on one time with my little one. I have that fizzy little feeling of excitement as I leave the seeds and a little note outside the Fairy Door for her to find. I’m the first one she runs to when she finds the note. She is full of wonderful wide-eyed curiosity and a sense of responsibility for growing the Fairy’s Magic Seed.

plant a magic seed outside the Fairy Door

Spend some truly enchanting time with your little one

Together, we source our plant pot and I fetch some compost. I show her how to make a little hole in the mud with her tiny finger and push the seed inside. Then every day for a week we have just short bursts of totally engaged Mummy and daughter time.

Sometimes we inspect the pot for signs that something is growing. I tell her that we’re looking for a glimpse of a little shoot or leaf. One day she can see that the soil is damp. So we discuss how the Fairy will be looking after the seed whilst my daughter sleeps. We talk about what she must be doing to make sure it grows such as watering it and weeding. At bedtime, as she pulls on her pyjamas, we speculate about what might grow out of a Magic Seed. Once, as we walked to school, she even squeezed my hand and said

“Mummy, do you think Fairy Garden centres have a Costa Coffee shop just like ours does?”

Fairy garden outside the Fairy Door

“And so dear friends remember, this isn’t just a door!

With a little imagination you can make it so much more.”

I really do hope that I have convinced you to give the Magic Seed scene a go, my love. It really is a perfect way for some simply fun outside your Fairy Door.

And I would LOVE to hear how you executed the scene! Did you use compost or glitter? What grew from your Magic Seeds? How did your little one react to the beautiful blooms?

Pop your stories, or even your suggestions for more enchanting Magic Seed gardening, in the comments below. Then share this post with your friends and see what they can grow outside their Fairy Door too!

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