Help! My kids are scared of Halloween

Halloween has gotten huge, hasn't it? This year it felt like we'd barely hit July before posts and pictures of people craving the season were filling our feed. But what do you do when your kids are scared of Halloween? What happens when October rolls in with dread, rather than delight?

help! My kids are scared of Halloween

Truth or dare?

Every year I like to have a little Halloween fun with my daughters. However, I've always found the traditional approach completely unnerves them.

I mean, think about it! What do our Halloween traditions boil down to: Going out into the dark and the cold. Getting dressed in scary costumes. Demanding treats with menaces from well loved neighbours, and lacing our house with creepy decor and built in jump scares.

Halloween is an actual nightmare!

BUT ... it also gifts us a huge opportunity to explore our imagination and creativity, and to experience the kind of delight that can only be found in sharing something with others.

Halloween fairy door ideas

So, I'm going to share with you my simple spell for enjoying some Halloween fun without the fear. And I'm going to start by asking you to step through the Fairy Door to meet some very special friends ...

Can you trick or treat without the terror?

Our Fairy Door has provided countless moments of enchantment over the years. But one of the very first times I realised that it had a secret ability to help my children to reframe the things they fear, was when the Naughty Goblin arrived for Halloween.

This cunning little chap turned trick or treating on it's head. Arriving overnight, and alternately leaving hilarious tricks (poo based, I'm afraid! It's what the kiddies find funniest) and tasty treats outside the Fairy Door.

when children are scared of trick or treating

To this day, he has his own "Naughty Corner" in our Secret Fairy Circle. He's ready with an ebook story to delight your little ones, and an instruction manual to help you carry out his Fairy Door trick or treating for the Halloween season.

Plus, he's even written a set of jokes and Fairy notes for your magic post boxes.

fairy door ideas

You see, when your kids are scared of Halloween you have to take the fun into a safe space

And nothing feels safer than the kitchen. It's the heart of the home, and often where Mum and Dad or Grandma can be found.

That's exactly what I was imagining when I created the latest adventure for our Fairy Door, "The Witch's Kitchen". Reimagining the traditional perception of a wicked old Witch, and turning her into a friendly old dear with a passion for unusual baked goods.

airy door ideas for Halloween

When you step into the Witch's Kitchen in our Secret Fairy Circle, you'll find printable groceries galore! And a unique little spell book full of her favourite recipes.

Pick out the bits that make them go "WOW"!

In essence, introducing a Fairy Door to your family life is all about offering up magical moments that will bring forth gasps, giggles and glittering eyes. That's never more important than at Halloween if your little ones are afraid.

Rather than cowering from night time knocks on the door, you'll find visits from a Naughty Goblin will have them thundering down the stairs each morning, eager to learn if they've been tricked or treated.

trick or treating for anxious little ones

Rather than shying away from spooks and spider, a glimpse inside the Witch's Kitchen will have their little fingers foraging in the miniature bowl, wondering what she's whipping up.

Putting a beautiful Fairy Door at the heart of your fun is the best way to distract and delight kids that are scared of Halloween

how to help anxious kids at Halloween

I can honestly tell you that, since that first adventure with our Naughty Goblin, Halloween has become a time for joy and joking in our home. The only thing that goes bump in the night in our home is the gentle clack of the Fairy Door closing after another magical visitor has come a-calling.

I would LOVE for you to share this source of delight with your own children. So, to get you started on your first magical adventure, I'm offering you up to £50 of free gifts with your first beautiful Fairy Door order ...

free fairy gifts uk

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