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My dear! You simply MUST meet Alice ...

There's no tale quite like Alice in Wonderland, for getting lost in a magical adventure. So it's my absolute delight to introduce you to the new edition of our popular Wonderland Fairy Door.

alice in wonderland fairy door uk

... in a shade of blue, like the sky on a warm Summer's day

This exquisite miniature doorway has a working door knocker, a letterbox, and a sparkling crystal door knob.

Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door and window

But look closely! Because it's the little details, particular to the story, that will have you enchanted.

Across the mantle grow the roses. But it seems some silly planted white ones instead of red. Tiny paint sticks indicate that someone is painting them before the Queen arrives.

And tumbling down the doorframe are all the little playing cards - with the Queen of Hearts at the top, of course!

With a personalised letter from Alice herself

personalised alice in wonderland letter

By way of introduction, our Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door comes complete with a letter from Alice herself.

Alice's personalised letter will explain all about the door and the curious adventures you might have with it. And naturally, she will include the little golden key she found, so that the folk of Wonderland can let themselves in and out.

Our Alice in Wonderland Fairy Door is the most delightful way to enjoy magical adventures

Wonderland fairy door and window

Teamed with our enchanting Wonderland Fairy Window, and a few carefully chosen tea time accessories, we're quite certain that you will be enjoying the most magical adventures in no time at all, when you install our new Wonderland Fairy Door.

Click the button below to take a closer peek. We promise it won't shrink you!

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