The hazards of introducing a Fairy Door

Parents beware! There is one MAJOR hazard to introducing a Fairy Door, and I am going to spend a moment telling you what that is ...

There's one thing no one tells you when you go to buy a Fairy Door for your little ones

It's something I only came to terms with after a few months of having our first magic door installed: Fairy Door fun is addictive.

And no, I don't mean addictive to the little ones. I imagine that is a given, otherwise why else would you be considering the purchase!

The biggest hazard of introducing a Fairy Door is that it is addictive for grown-ups!

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Ready to find "the feeling"? Click here or read on

I don't know how best to describe it!

You know that feeling you get on Christmas Eve? You know the one. That tingle inside, as you set out the fake footprints and scoff the mince pie and nibble the carrot end (ugh!).

Or that one on Easter morning? That bubbling giggle that threatens to burst straight out of you and give the whole game away, as you move, cat-like, around the house depositing Easter Bunny treats for the children to find.

It's that feeling of having a delicious secret, that you know is going to bring such joy

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Now, of course you are going to get that initial hit when you first purchase your Fairy Door. Like any  treat we seek out for our little ones, the mere process of selecting the gift and personalising the letter is sheer delight.

But the real danger of introducing a Fairy Door is that, unlike Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny, Fairy friends don't just come once a year.

So the opportunity to get another fix of secret "Mummy-magic joy" is always at your fingertips!

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And how do I know this? Well, put simply, because I am the worst kind of addict myself.

Not only have I lived with this delight for the past 10 years. I love this feeling so much, I have created oodles of ways for you to experience it too. And I share them all in our Secret Fairy Circle, which I thrust upon you as a gift with every beautiful Fairy Door!

Grab free membership of the Secret Fairy Circle with Every Fairy Door

Don't believe me? Go on! Just try a little bit ...

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Here's what I suggest. Begin introducing your Fairy Door by using our Fairy Nice New Home accessory set. I designed it especially to tick all the happy boxes on my top ten things to enjoy with a Fairy Door.

Use the construction printables to set the scene for your magical adventure. Spend a day or two adding the little signs or other accessories, to hint that the Fairy builders are in. I defy you not to snigger to yourself as you set out a tiny tea and biscuits for the workers!

Then it's time to introduce your Fairy Door

fairies are moving in

Now, it's time to add your Fairy Door. But don't be too hasty to move your Fairy neighbours in.

Give it a day, maybe two, with your "FOR SALE" printable sign outside. Then change it out for the "SOLD" sign, and use your miniature packing boxes to signify the move.

Here's a top tip:

Let me know this is how you will introduce your Fairy Door in the personalisation boxes when you order. Then I can get in on the secret. I'll adapt your Fairy letter to tie in perfectly with your plans!

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By the end of this little introductory adventure, I can guarantee you'll be hooked! And then'll you'll be looking around for your next hit of magic.

Never fear, my friend. I've got you covered. Because, as I mentioned, I'm in pretty deep myself, and I have a whole host of other ways to enchant tucked up my magical sleeves.

You'll find lots more magical adventures, just like this, waiting for you in my Secret Fairy Circle

In this member-only area you'll find 12 months of magical adventures. Each one with it's own set of step-by-step instructions, and printable Fairy letters and decorations.

The gift of membership is FREE with every one of my beautiful Fairy Doors, because THIS is what a Fairy Door is for: To be more that just a pretty thing gathering dust on the wall. To be the centre of imagination, curiosity and happy memories for every member of the family.

So... Are you ready to become a Fairy Door addict?

Click the button below to start choosing your Fairy Door and begin your magical adventures:

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