4 ideas for Valentine’s Fairy Door Fun

4 ideas for valentine's fairy door fun blog

Words cannot express how much your little one means to you, my Fairy Friend ...

... But maybe a magical adventure or two outside the Fairy Door, will give them an idea. So here are four fabulous ideas for Valentine's Fairy Door fun to help you get started.

 1. Say it with flowers

A beautiful bloom will never fail to put a smile on a Fairy friend's face. Especially after the long cold winter.

miniature wheelbarrow

Harvest Spring flowers from the Fairy garden in your little wheelbarrow to bring a splash of colour to a grey day.

pink fairy door personalised

Or simply arrange for the Fairy Nice florist to deliver a bouquet of radiant red roses to the Fairy Door.

 2. Send a card

Letters full of love are traditional at this time of year. So why not pop into the Secret Fairy Circle to find our printable Fairy letters and cards for Valentine's fun.

Finding a letter outside the Fairy Door

Choose from 10 printable Fairy letters, full of praise of all your little ones best qualities ...

miniature table and chairs for fairy doors

Or tiny Fairy Valentine's cards, that you can send or receive from Fairy friends.

Our Secret Fairy Circle is full of printable Fairy fun and oodles of ideas for magical adventures.

Lifetime membership is included with your beautiful Fairy Door!

 3. Chocolates are a must for Valentine's Fairy Door fun

You'll find the most delicious, Fairy-sized selection in our Valentine's accessory set!

how to use the Valentine's Fairy accessories

4. And of course, everyone loves a gift

Magic Fairy Toadstool for Fairy Doors

A personalised toadstool makes a marvellous gift from a Fairy friend.

miniature biscuits

Or how about I gift YOU a little something? Click the button below to find the magic code for a FREE accessory set with your first order...


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