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One of the things little ones are most curious about when their Fairy Door arrives is "what do Fairies like to eat?" And in truth, enchanted tea parties and midnight feasts will form a central part of the magical adventures that you will create for your children once your Fairy Door is installed. So in this blog I am going to share with you 6 super simple ideas for Fairy food.

Let's get started ...

7 ideas for fairy food

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It’s time for a magical picnic

It's time for a magical Fairy picnic

We'll begin by setting the scene. Let's spread a pretty picnic rug and set out the tea things. In our picture we have used our floral Birthday Fairy Door accessory set. Although you may have your own magical alternatives. We can talk about those in another blog.

Tea things

Fairy tea set for Fairy Doors UK

Add milk

miniature milk bottle for Fairy Doors UK

Pour out a nice cup of tea

First let's have a Fairy Nice cup of tea

Before we do anything else, let's all have a nice cup of tea. Fairies enjoy nettle tea more than any other drink. Inviting someone to come and share a pot of tea is a wonderful way to catch up with Fairy friends.

And you will often find a tiny tea cup or mug beside the Fairy Door when they have been busy in the Fairy Garden or when the Cleaning Fairy is at work. Therefore no Fairy picnic would be complete without getting that little teapot out.

So, my first idea for Fairy food is super simple. Suggest nettle tea is on the go by spreading out your Fairy tea set. Add a miniature bottle of milk (available with our Magical Deliveries accessory set) for good measure.

What do Fairies like to eat?

Now, what DO Fairies like to eat?

It will be a great disappointment to many Mother's that unfortunately Fairies are not the best advocates of healthy eating. I think it's fair to say that our little friends have an exceptionally sweet tooth. Perhaps this accounts for the existence of one of their most famous patrons, the Tooth Fairy!

Therefore, when planning a Fairy feast to enchant your little ones, there is no better place to start than with a few tiny treats that are naughty but nice.


ideas for Fairy food, miniature cookies

Iced gems

ideas for miniature Fairy food

let them eat cake

Let them eat cake!

My most preferred ideas for Fairy food are definitely real food found in our kitchen cupboards. Firstly, these tasty morsels look more realistic. But an added bonus is that if a little one should want to try a piece of Fairy food, it's certainly not going to hurt them.

The cereal "Cookie Crisp" (or a lookalike cereal) makes excellent Fairy cookies. Whilst the biscuits "Iced Gems" are truly delightful little Fairy cakes.

Donut forget these ideas for Fairy Food

Do-nut forget this adorable idea for Fairy food...

By far the most adorable idea for Fairy food I have come across is using the cereal "Cheerios" (or a lookalike cereal) as miniature donuts. Leave them plain for glazed rings. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, dip them in melted chocolate or coloured glace icing for iced donuts.


miniature fairy donuts

donut box

free printable miniature donut box for fairy doors

free printable donut box

Would you like a free miniature donut box to put your Fairy treats in?

I see you are admiring the delightful little Fairy Nice Bakery box in my photo! Well, my sweet, I am very happy to gift you one to store your miniature Fairy Donuts in. There is a printable template for the miniature donut box, plus full assembly instructions, in our Secret Fairy Circle.

Membership of the Fairy Circle is included with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors, or available separately HERE!


Time for Jelly and Ice Cream

To round off a Fairy feast, you will often find that your Fairy friends will look for that firm party favourite - Jelly. And we can happily oblige! Jelly tots make excellent Fairy Jellies. Serve them in the tiny cups that come with your Magical Picnic Fairy Door accessory set.

ideas for Fairy food

The most simple idea

Finally, my easiest idea for Fairy food

There's no denying that not all Fairies are great bakers. And although others may intend to knock up something homemade, time simply slips away from them in the busy whirlwind of Fairy life. So for these Fairy friends, a quick trip to the Fairy Nice Bakery is the perfect solution when asked to bring a cake to a Fairy party.

Isn't it just the same for us humans? Despite our best intentions, crafting something enchanting to delight our little ones is sometimes just a stretch beyond our grasp. In my humble opinion, one should feel no remorse at these times, but rather celebrate the fact that we are creating magical moments in the best way we can ... and reach for a ready made Fairy Door accessory set.

miniature Fairy Cake for Fairy doors UK

In this particular instance, reach for the Magical Picnic Fairy Door accessory set. It comes complete with a delicious chocolate cake your Fairy friends are bound to enjoy heartily.


The icing on the cake

So there you have it. My 6 favourite ideas for Fairy food for when one is creating a magical adventure that involves showing your little one what Fairies like to eat. I'm quite certain now I have sparked your imagination, you can think of even more. So why not share them with us here in the comments. Better still, head on over to Instagram and show us a picture of your Fairy food, tagging @fairynicetrading.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

ideas for miniature fairy food


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  1. Estelle Tudor 1st June 2018 at 9:27 pm #

    So many great fairy food ideas there, fab inspiration as always 😘 ✨ xx


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