How will Santa get in to YOUR house this Christmas?

It's a question on the lips of every little one around Christmas time: How WILL Santa get in to deliver the presents? Particularly if you don't have a chimney!

Well, in the mini movie below, we offer Santa a bit of Fairy Nice wisdom and give YOU a perfectly magical answer to that tricky little question.

The question on everyone's lips on Christmas Eve

As they scour the skies for a glimpse of the sleigh, or listen with keen ears for the jingle of bells, it's almost certain that your little one will be wondering: How will Santa get in to our house to deliver my presents?

It's one of the great mysteries of the season!

But often, the obvious answer is rather disappointing. Because, if you say to a modern day youngster "He comes down the chimney!", the chances are they'll look at you a little bit confused.

What if we don't have a chimney?

how does santa get in if you don't have a chimney?

Very few homes have real fireplaces with working chimneys these days. And even if they do ... Is it really the done thing in this day and age, for an elderly gentlemen to be barrelling down the chute without so much as a by or leave, at such a special time of year?

I, for one, would certainly have something to say if I woke up Christmas morning to find sooty footprints all over my living room!

There is a much more civilised alternative, of course! He could just use the door

How does santa get in to your home? blog uk

I mean! It's obvious, isn't it?

We have oodles of visitors all through the year and (with the exception of the cat), each of them usually enters the house by the front door. I can imagine Granny would look quite askance if I should ask her to zip down the chimney on her next visit, rather than wiping her shoes on our neat little door mat.

But I suppose your average front door just isn't magical enough for Santa. And it won't surprise you to hear, that I have a remedy for that ...

What if Santa used the Fairy Door to make his annual visit?

miniature door for Santa visits uk

As many magical folk will tell you: Fairy Doors are the perfect way to pop in and out of all sorts of wonderful places, leaving gifts and notes for good little children.

From Fairy friends to cheeky Elves, from Lucky Leprechauns to Easter Bunnies. They've all used the Fairy Door to make their deliveries over the year. Isn't it time Santa got on board with this marvellous invention?

Choose a door for Santa HERE!

Isn't it time you installed a Fairy Door for Santa to get in to your home at Christmas?

red christmas elf door uk

Our beautiful Fairy Doors are the perfect answer to this Christmas conundrum. Each one proudly offering a tiny working door knocker to tap, and a shiny door knob for Santa to turn.

Each arrives with a personalised letter included. Perhaps this may be from a considerate Fairy friend concerned by Santa's chimney obsession? Or perhaps it's from the Big Man himself, tired of travelling by chute?

Each family is free to write their own Fairy story, so you choose how you would like to begin and let us know!

Personalise your Fairy Letter HERE!

A magic key is included!

santa's master key uk

Each of our beautiful Fairy Doors always comes with a tiny golden key included. However, our NEW Master Key may be the perfect way for you to answer another inevitable question at Christmas: How does Santa deliver everywhere in just one night?

The Master Key opens ALL the Fairy Doors in the world. It makes it's super easy for Santa to flit from home to home and still have time to munch a mince pie.

Shop the Master Key HERE!

And unlike Christmas, your Fairy fun will last way more than just one day

large red elf door uk

Because, once your Fairy Door is installed, all sorts of magical friends will use it to visit your home throughout the year!

There is literally a magical adventure to be had every single month. So, we include membership of our Secret Fairy Circle (worth £25) FREE with each of our Fairy Doors. Inside we make the magic easy, with ideas, advice and oodles of printable Fairy Letters to help you live your Fairy story.

So, are you ready to give Santa a bit of dignity this year?

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